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Blueprint to tackle hunger to be revealed

Leading church figures including the Archbishop of Canterbury, the former Bishop of Durham, will join politicians from across Parliament this morning to launch a blueprint to eliminate hunger

The all party parliamentary group report will set out how to eliminate hunger in Britain by 2020.

18 tonnes of food are stored at Newcastle West End Foodbank, this is only enough to last until Christmas. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The use of emergency food aid in the UK has dramatically increased over the last decade. More than 400 food banks are now in operation with around two opening every week.

Newcastle West End Foodbank helps 4000 people a month, giving out four to five tonnes of food every week. It claims to be the biggest in the country.

North East foodbank welcomes Archbishop's comments

A North East foodbank has welcomed comments from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has urged the Government and food industry to act to stop food poverty in Britain. The former Bishop of Durham, the Most Reverend Justin Welby was speaking the day before a parliamentary report on hunger in Britain.

Watch Julia Barthram's report with Michael Nixon of Newcastle West End Foodbank.


Former Bishop of Durham 'shocked' over hunger in UK

The Most Rev Justin Welby Credit: PA

The Archbishop of Canterbury has revealed how he was left more shocked by the plight of Britain's hunger-stricken poor than suffering in African refugee camps.

Food is being wasted at "astonishing" levels across the UK but hunger "stalks large parts" of the country, the Most Rev Justin Welby said. Families are being forced to turn to food banks to make ends despite holding down jobs, he told The Mail on Sunday.

The Archbishop supported food banks in the North East Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Families are being forced to turn to food banks to make ends despite holding down jobs, he told The Mail on Sunday.

The Archbishop's comments come ahead of the publication on Monday of a parliamentary report he has backed that sets out a blueprint to eliminate hunger in Britain by 2020 and urges ministers and the food industry to act.

In the The Mail on Sunday article , he said, although less "serious", the plight of a family who turned to a food bank in Britain had shocked him more than terrible suffering in Africa because it was so unexpected.

Full Report: Former Bishop of Durham enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury

The former Bishop of Durham Justin Welby has been enthroned as the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

2000 people attended the ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral - including Prince Charles and the Prime Minister.

Ahead of the service, the Archbishop set out the kind of leader that he wants to be.

Meanwhile, in Durham it is business as usual as the city looks for his replacement.

You can watch the full report from Frances Read below.

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Canterbury enthronement service comes to a close

The Archbishop of Canterbury has officially been enthroned as the service in Canterbury comes to an end.

The archbishop delivered a final blessing to the congregation as the procession was led out of the cathedral.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Credit: ITV News
The new Archbishop of Canterbury leads the service to its climax. Credit: ITV News


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Archbishop newly installed 'with great gladness'

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