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MPs clash on zero hours contracts

The York Central MP Rachael Maskell has told our political programme that zero hours contracts 'should be consigned to history'.

She was responding to this week's Taylor Review into Modern Working Practices, which looked at future of workers' rights. The study, by a former adviser to Tony Blair, examined the changing nature of employment, including zero hours contracts and the so-called gig economy.

Ms Maskell was joined in the studio for Around The House by the Richmond MP Rishi Sunak, who said the flexibility of zero hours contracts suited many workers and employees.

Ms Maskell said the system needs to change:

Around The House is on ITV Tyne Tees at 10:45pm tonight (13th July).

New Stockton South MP: 'I think it's important to stay normal in politics'

The recently elected MP for Stockton South says he will continue working as a GP, where time allows.

Labour's Dr Paul Williams clinched the seat in last month's General Election from the former Conservative Minister, James Wharton, in what was seen by many as a shock result.

Dr Williams is a guest on this month's edition of Around The House. He told Helen Ford that while he will throw himself into political life, shifts as a GP will allow him to keep his ear to the ground.

You can watch Around The House at 10:45pm tonight (13th July) on ITV Tyne Tees.



Around The House: Tonight at 11.35pm

Around The House at 11.35pm. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

On tonight's political programme from Westminster, Helen Ford considers the forthcoming European Elections with guests from all the main political parties.

Also in the programme, a look ahead to the General Election in a year's time and - twenty years after his death - the panel reflects on the political legacy of the former Labour leader John Smith.

You can see Around The House tonight (Thursday 15 May) at 11.35pm on ITV.

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