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How Newcastle can become a more 'bike friendly' city?

More of us would use our bikes if routes were traffic free Credit: PA

The Bike Life report for Newcastle has been published - and its looking at ways Newcastle can be more bike friendly to encourage more of us to take our journeys by two wheels instead of four.

Work centres around John Dobson Street in the city which is being transformed into a 'boulevard' style area with wider spaces for pedestrians and also a protected two way cycle path.

Cycling in the city is another initiative that is aiming to get us more active by using our bikes. It involves free bike 'health checks, loaning bikes out from the cycle library and letting people know where its safe to cycle.

  • 77% of people want to see more investment in cycling
  • The over 75's are the least likely to ride a bike
  • 90% of people who currently don't ride a bike want traffic free routes before to help them get on the saddle
  • 54% of people could potentially use a bike for work and pleasure in Newcastle
  • 50% of people in Newcastle live in a household with more than 1 bike

Arrest over Bicycle Theft

A man has been arrested following a bicycle theft in Newcastle. It happened on January 11, at 4pm, when the bike was left unattended at clothing shop, HR Ray, on Shields Road in Byker. A 27-year-old man was arrested and charged with theft. The bike was later recovered.


Biker banned from driving after speeding past horse at 104mph

A biker has been banned from the roads after speeding past a horse and its rider at more than 100mph.

Garry Wilkinson, 41, was caught by a North Yorkshire speed camera on Escrick Road, Stillingfleet, near York on June 27 as he sped past the horse.

Wilkinson pleaded guilty to exceeding the speed limit and was banned for 70 days. He was fined £360 and ordered to pay costs of £45 and a victim surcharge of £15.

Police looking for driver after collision

Police are searching for the driver of a car that left the scene of an accident.

The accident happened just after 1pm on Saturday June 30 on the Kildale to Easby road, outside Pilly Hall.

The accident involved a group of three cyclists and a small silver car.

The driver, who is described as white, aged around 50 with a blonde bob, stopped briefly but left before passing on her details.

One of the cyclists was taken to hospital.

Anyone with any information should call North Yorkshire Police on 101

Break in at school

Bikes were stolen after a break in at a school.The incident, at Thomas Bewick School, Linthorpe Road, West Denton, is thought to have taken place between 7.20pm on Wednesday and 7.30am on Thursday.It's thought up to 12 bikes could have been taken.

Anyone with any information should contact police on the non-emergency number 101.