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Newborn ducklings at Washington Wetland Centre

Washington Wetland Centre has welcomed a new batch of ducklings this week.

The duckery lets visitors get up close with the newest hatchlings every day during May half term. Children, and curious adults, can touch the ducklings as they're held by the park wardens.

The duckery at Washington celebrated its 20th anniversary last week. Its seen over 1600 birds successfully hatched and reared there since it’s opening in 1996.


Arctic warbler evading birdwatchers

Birdwatchers are gathering in South Tyneside hoping for a rare glimpse of an arctic warbler.

It has been spotted near Whitburn, thousands of miles off its migration route from North America to Southeast Asia.

The bird seems to be quite shy, however, and apart from the first sighting which tipped twitchers off, it has only been heard singing in the trees.

Many are still travelling miles to try and catch a glimpse.

Bird cruelty in North Yorkshire

Police are appealing for information following birds being shot at Norton Mills Lake at North Stainley in Ripon.

Canada and Greylag geese and a Mute Swan were all shot through the wings and legs with a rifle leaving them dead or severely injured.

PC Simon Crossley, a Wildlife Crime Officer with North Yorkshire Police said: “This is an utterly barbaric and sickening attack which has caused quite appalling and prolonged suffering.

“I urge anyone who can identify those responsible to contact the police immediately.”

Birdwatchers spot rare breed in Sunderland

Birdwatchers have been flocking to Sunderland to catch a glimpse of a rare type of bird.

A European Bee-eater was seen in a garden, and the tiny visitor attracted crowds from all over the country.

The species is rare in the UK, and mainly resides in southern Europe. This time of year the birds usually migrate to north Africa.

One birdwatcher - Steve Bailey - had come from Manchester to see it: