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Bishop of Durham 'sad' after Brexit vote

The Rt Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham Credit: ITV

The Bishop of Durham has expressed his sadness after Britain voted in favour of leaving the European Union.

The Rt Rev Paul Butler was speaking during a visit to The Venerable Bede CE Academy in Sunderland as part of a Royal visit by the King and Queen of Lesotho. He said:

I was surprised. I thought that it would probably be just about be for Remain, but none of us could predict because we have never been down this way before. Personally I was sad when I heard the news but it is our responsibility to work for the good of the nation as a whole.

– Rt Rev Paul Butler

Bishop of Durham: We need to change low levels of aspirations among young people

The Bishop of Durham, the Right Reverend Paul Butler has called for more to be done to help young people in the North East to achieve their dreams in his Easter message.

Unfortunately, as some children get older, their hopes and aspirations tend to reduce. The difficult truth is that the North East of England has the lowest levels of aspirations among young people in the whole country, which is a sad statistic and one that should be hard to accept for all of us.

This is something that we need to change. We all need to give our children and young people a sense of hope that their aspirations can be met rather than a sense that they will fail to achieve their dreams.

– The Bishop of Durham, the Right Reverend Paul Butler

The Bishop is the Church of England's lead bishop for children and young people.


"A voice for the North East"

For this month's Around The House, the new Bishop of Durham talks about combining his spiritual and political roles.

The Rt Rev Paul Butler says he has been inspired by the ethos of self-help among communities in East Africa.

He told Helen Ford that he hopes to play his part in reviving community life in the North East.

Watch his full interview here:

The next edition of Around The House is on Thursday 3 April at 11.35pm

New bishop promises to 'listen and learn'

The new Bishop of Durham says he plans to listen and learn in his first weeks and months in the role.

The Right Reverend Paul Butler was enthroned as the seventy fourth Bishop of Durham at a ceremony in the city's cathedral yesterday.

In his sermon, Bishop Paul repeated his aim to tackle what he called the 'scourge of poverty'.

He says another priority is to discover more about the North East and its people.

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