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Hospital offers surgical expertise to the armed forces

Sunderland Royal Hospital has four staff surgeons who are also reservists for the armed forces. With the backing of the hospital they have taken part in nine tours of duty to places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Consultant surgeon, Colonel Ben Banerjee, leaves today to become Medical Director at Camp Bastion. For a three month tour of duty he'll be in charge of all trauma care for Helmand Province, dealing with hundreds of injured soldiers and civilians.

We are very proud of the contribution made by our staff on overseas postings – both staff who operate as military reservists, and those who carry out similar civilian projects in a variety of countries with organisations like VSO.

"They take out skills and commitment to medical teams working in the most challenging of environments and bring back to the trust vast experience which can be used for the benefit of our patients.

"The exchange is invaluable in helping us maintain world-class levels of healthcare."

– Sunderland Royal Hospital


Surgeon heads to Afghanistan

A surgeon from Sunderland leaves today to run the hospital at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. As well as working at Sunderland Royal Hospital Colonel Ben Banerjee is a member of the Territorial Army. This is his fourth tour of duty and he'll be in charge of all trauma care in Helmand Province.

He's one of four surgeon's from Sunderland who are members of the reserve forces. The Hospital has allowed them to take part in nine tours of duty.

Medics return from Afghanistan

50 Territorial Army medics return home today after a tour in Afghanistan, running the world's busiest trauma hospital.

They will be back at their headquarters in Fenham Barracks, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, later today and will be met by family and friends.

Over the last three months they have treated over 1000 injured soldiers and civilians at the British military hospital in Camp Bastion.