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Chi Onwurah "saddened" by Umunna decision

Newcastle Central Labour MP Chi Onwurah has said that she is saddened by the decision of Chuka Umunna to pull out of the party’s leadership race.

Ms Onwurah, who has worked closely with Mr Umunna in the past, said it was “a tragedy” that he had withdrawn from the leadership race and thought that Mr Umunna had “a lot to offer the Labour party.”

She went on to add that Mr Umunna was representative of a new Britain and that his withdrawal should be seen as a warning as to how candidates are treated.

Mr Umunna announced his intention to quit the leadership race earlier today, saying he was uncomfortable with the level of media scrutiny.

Around The House: MP says campaign against gender segregation of toys 'has hit a nerve'

The Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah has defended her campaign to stop children's toys being marketed as 'pink for a girl and blue for a boy'.

She tells Helen Ford that she has been struck by the response from parents.

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North East MP welcomes supermarket decision on children's toys

Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah Credit:

Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah has welcomed the announcement by Morrisons that it will remove signs for 'boys' and 'girls' toys, and phase out blue and pink.

Morrisons says it is planning to display toys according to price, and the changes will be in place next year.

Chi Onwurah - who has backed the 'Let Toys Be Toys' campaign - greeted the news as a "good step forward", but said there is still a long way to go with other retailers.

Morrisons statement on toys

" Morrisons has updated the signage in many of our stores and removed the reference to "boys" and "girls" toys. We are aware that the old signage remains in some stores and are working to address this.

"Our new signage retains colour coding based on our experience that this helps customers to navigate the aisle and quickly find the toys they are looking for. We are listening carefully to the views of all of our customers and the Let Toys be Toys campaign.

– Morrisons spokeswoman

Morrisons backs calls to end gender stereotypes in toys

Supermarket chain Morrison's became the first in the country to back MP Chi Onwurah's calls to ban sexist toys.

Morrisons has said it will look at how girls and boys toys are displayed in its stores.

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, has led efforts to force an end to gender stereotyping which can see girls offered pink toys and boys offered blue toys.


Chi Onwurah MP discusses new political play with Gerry Foley

The success of the stage version of A Walk-On Part - adapted from the diaries of former Sunderland MP Chris Mullin - has led to another collaboration between Newcastle's Live Theatre and the Soho Theatre in London.

On tonight's Around The House Gerry Foley talks to Newcastle MP, Chi Onwurah, about her contribution to Utopia, the latest political play at the Live Theatre, which offers different visions of a better future...

Can new technology revive Newcastle's coal industry?

The Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah will lead a special Commons debate at lunchtime looking at the potential for clean coal technology.

She says that millions of tonnes of coal reserves lie untapped beneath the North Sea.

“The economic potential of clean coal extends further than the direct jobs it creates in industry and the supply chain. "

– Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah

Newcastle University has been at the forefront of looking at new technologies for underground coal gasification.

In today's debate Ms Onwurah will call on ministers to clarify their approach to clean coal