Man wanted by Cleveland Police

Police have released the photograph of a man they are trying to trace in connection with drugs and money laundering offences.

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Dave McLuckie trial - latest from court

Under cross-examination Nicholas Ward conceded that it was possible that his father did borrow Mr McLuckie's car without Mr McLuckie being in it.

He also said he couldn't remember when and where the conversation took place with Nicola McLuckie, where she asked him whether his father would take her father's points.

The defence went on to question Mr Ward's ability to remember events accurately.

The trial at Newcastle Crown Court, continues.


Dave McLuckie trial: update

Nicholas Ward said his girlfriend of the time, Nicola McLuckie - who is Dave McLuckie's daughter, asked him whether he thought his dad would take speeding points for Mr McLuckie.He said he then phoned his father to tell him Mr McLuckie was coming over to ask a favour.

He said that after Mr McLuckie was arrested, Nicola McLuckie said to him: "You got my dad locked up for seven hours."He replied to her: "It's not my fault, it's his fault."

He went on to tell the court today: "I don't know how it came out. I didn't want it out. But now all I can do is tell the truth."

The trial at Newcastle Crown Court continues.

Dave McLuckie trial: latest report

ITV News reporter Dan Ashby is reporting from Newcastle Crown Court on the trial of former Cleveland Police Authority chairman Dave McLuckie.

Maurice Ward's son, Nicholas, has told the court that his dad was a very "slow, and careful driver".He said his father never drove around Mr McLuckie's car without Mr McLuckie being in the car as well.

The trial, at Newcastle Crown Court, continues.


Dave McLuckie trial: latest

Reporter Dan Ashby reports from the trial at Newcastle Crown Court:

Maurice Ward's wife, Nancy, has told the court that Mr McLuckie visited her house in 2005 to ask her husband to accept speeding points for him.

She said that Mr McLuckie said that there was "this new job" and that he "wasn't going to get it".

She said her husband accepted to take the speeding points, but Mr McLuckie paid the fine.She added: "I thought he shouldn't have done it."Maurice Ward died of cancer last year.

Former police authority chief in court

Former Cleveland Police Authority chief Dave McLuckie persuaded a friend to take three penalty points for him to avoid a driving ban, a court heard.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Mr McLuckie said he needed a "big favour" to help his career.

The 51-year-old, from Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, was accused of asking his friend Maurice Ward to say he was driving Mr McLuckie's black Peugeot when it was caught doing 36mph in a 30mph zone at Carlin How, Cleveland, in April 2005.

At the time, McLuckie was a Redcar and Cleveland councillor and vice-chairman of the police authority. He had nine points on his driving licence and was facing a ban if three more were added, the jury heard.

Mr McLuckie denies the charge. The trial continues.

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