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Labour praise Hartlepool victory

Labour members at Hartlepool Council have praised last night's result which saw the party take a 61 percent share of the majority seats.

Due to boundary changes, Labour actually lost eight seats. But still claimed 21 of the 33 positions.

Councillor Ged Hall, Leader of Hartlepool Labour group, said the result shows there is disillusionment with the coalition Government, but that the party also has some hard-working representatives who have won over voters.

Lib Dems blame Labour 'mess' for Hartlepool wipe out

Lib Dem councillors say national issues are the main reason why the party no longer hold any seats at Hartlepool Council.

The Lib Dem's lost both seats in last night's result.

The Chairman of Hartlepool Lib Dem's, Jim Tighe, says the new boundary changes hindered his party's chances of success.

But Mr Tighe says the welfare issues the coalition Government are implementing after Labour's "13 years of messing about" have influenced voters.

Hartlepool council held by Labour

It was a good night at the polls for Labour in Hartlepool as the party held onto a 61 percent majority of seats.

All parties suffered losses as boundary changes meant there were fewer positions available.

But Labour faired best, despite losing eight seats to claim 21 of the 33.

Conservatives lost one seat, taking their total to three. But it was a bad night for the Liberal Democrats, who lost both their seats.

All other parties lost three seats, leaving them with nine overall.

Labour hold Hartlepool Credit: ITV


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