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Calls to save financial advice centre for cancer sufferers

A campaign is underway to try and save a financial advice service for people with cancer in Darlington.

Every year, a Welfare Rights Officer helps hundreds of people with access to health benefits and advice on budgeting.

Those who use the service say it's invaluable as often, money is tight because they have been forced to stop working and must pay for regular hospital visits.

Jonny Blair reports:


Campaign to save advice centre for cancer sufferers

A campaign has started to try to save a financial advice service which helps cancer sufferers in Darlington.

Every year, a Welfare Rights Officer helps hundreds of people to access health benefits which they're entitled to and gives advice about money.

Those who've used the service say it's invaluable as, often, they have to stop working and pay for frequent hospital visits.

Funding for the post is due to end in March.

Allison White says the service is a "great help":


Robson Green calls tax-dodging celebrities 'shameful'

Actor and presenter Robson Green Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA

TV star Robson Green has hit out at tax-dodging celebrities, saying that they should "hang their heads in shame".

The actor and presenter, 49, singled out particular criticism for comedian Jimmy Carr, who previously admitted making a "terrible error of judgment" after his arrangements - he was said to be using an aggressive but legal tax-avoidance scheme - came to light.

Earlier this year, multi-millionaire Take That star Gary Barlow was also accused of being involved in a tax avoidance scheme and later broke his silence to "apologise" on Twitter.

Green, whose father was a miner, told the magazine that he was "very proud" to be a 50% tax-payer.

Do you know what, anybody who tells me they're not going to pay tax... we've got an NHS system on its knees....I tell you what, my son was in real trouble when he was young and we took him to the hospital, there were four specialists waiting for him. That's why you pay your taxes. We've got a police system who protect us, we've got firemen who put out fires. We've got defence, man. That's what tax is for.

Why don't you want to invest in that? I don't get it. These f*****s who try to avoid it should hang their heads in shame.

That comedian... What's his name? Carr? W****r. I mean, just w****r. No, he's not getting away with it for me.

Sorry, there are people dying because we don't pay our taxes. I'm proud to be a 50% tax-payer, very proud of it. Sorry, you're not getting away with it. Shame on you... because you didn't pay your tax.

– Robson Green
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