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Weather: Misty and murky

Mist and fog will be a real feature for our region tonight and tomorrow.

Even though it is not the most pleasant of weather - it can lead to some stunning and moody pictures:

Misty road Credit: Elaine Vizor
Foggy Angel Credit: Jill Angus
Grouse Credit: Tracey Laing
Foggy field Credit: Nigel Empson

If you have any photos of our murky weather you can:


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County Durham rogue caller warning after £1,500 loss

Police are warning people living in County Durham to be aware of rogue callers. Older people have been targeted by people posing as police officers or bank workers. The caller has claimed to be a detective investigating fraudulent activity - then asking for bank details. One person was duped into handing over £1,500.

“Yesterday an elderly Durham resident was convinced enough to withdraw and part with over £1,500 cash which was collected by a ‘courier’.

This type of criminal preys on the most vulnerable members of our community and once the victim realise what has happened they often feel too embarrassed to confide in their relatives."

– Acting Inspector Kay Howarth from Durham Neighbourhood Team
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