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Mandelson: I regret we were not more successful in countering that ridiculous, fantasy politics and propaganda that spewed out of the Leave campaign.

Peter Mandelson, the former MP for Hartlepool Credit: PA

Peter Mandelson, the former MP for Hartlepool and a former EU Commissioner, has criticised the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for his handling of the EU referendum campaign.

Mr Mandelson, who favoured staying in the EU, said Mr Corbyn should consider if he has what it takes to make people believe in him, telling ITV News:

"The Labour Party just did not pack a strong enough punch in this campaign. Too many voters did not listen to Jeremy Corbyn or did not understand what he was saying".

I feel that we could and should have done so much more, particularly as the Labour party, to sort of join up the dots for people, to explain what the consequences would be, what the negative impact would be on jobs and pay packets in the North East in so far as we didn't do that well enough, we politically in the Labour party have to take responsibility for that.

I also think people in the North East were sold this ridiculous notion that coming out of the European Union was some sort of 'magic bullet' to solve all our country's problems with immigration. You should've looked really at the small print of what the Leave people were saying.

They didn't have one shred of an idea, not one single policy that explained how immigration would be changed if we came out of the European Union, but with such single-mindedness they whipped up people's emotions, they led people to believe that all this could be transformed overnight, that we could stop Turkey coming into the European Union - Turkey isn't going to come into the European Union while you and I are alive - that our population was going to explode if we stayed in the European Union.

I really regret we were not more successful in countering that ridiculous, fantasy politics and propaganda that spewed out of the Leave campaign.

– Peter Mandelson


Guy Opperman MP: "I'm very sad - Cameron is a friend of mine"

Guy Opperman talking to voters Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Guy Opperman MP has spoken to ITV Tyne Tees saying he's 'sad' about the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Opperman is the member of parliament for Hexham in Northumberland,

"Well I'm very sad, he's a friend of mine and I think he's been a brilliant Prime Minister. He's utterly decent to the end and I think it's very good that he's continuing to work for the country on an ongoing basis so that we can start the renegotiation that needs to take place."

– Guy Opperman MP

"Government must not allow UK agriculture to be at a disadvantage"

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Rural businesses will work together to create opportunity in future outside EU.

That's according to a statement from the CLA who look after membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales.

“This is a historic decision and we are entering an unprecedented period for our country and economy. There will be a significant amount of change in the weeks, months and years ahead. This will bring challenges but also significant opportunities. “Millions of people have voted for a new and different future for the UK. They have seen the opportunity to exploit new global markets, to reduce the red tape that stifles their ability to run their farm or business and to have a greater say in decisions that affect them and their rural communities.

The CLA will be working to ensure that existing and future governments deliver on turning these desires into a reality.”

There are some urgent decisions for Ministers to make. These decisions are necessary to secure the immediate future of the rural economy.

We need an early guarantee that, whatever happens with regard to the negotiations on the UK’s exit, the support that is currently provided to UK farmers and the wider economy through the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will continue unbroken and unchanged until at least the end of December 2020.

“As negotiations begin on trade relationships to succeed our position as a full member of the European Union, Ministers must have the needs of farming and other rural businesses at the front of their minds. The ambition must be a barrier and tariff-free relationship. Whatever happens, the UK Government must not allow a poor trade dynamic that leaves UK agriculture at a disadvantage.

“Discussions must begin as soon as practical on what will replace the support provided through the CAP. A dedicated UK Agriculture and Land Use Policy must be in place ready for the day we exit the European Union. This has to be a widely accepted policy that supports our farmers, helping them to be resilient to unpredictable markets, and providing them with a firm foundation to compete with EU and other farmers from across the world. It must also be a policy that fully supports the vital work of managing our land and wildlife, preserving our landscapes and supporting rural communities.”

– CLA President Ross Murray

"Brexit could worsen construction skills crisis"

Federation of Master Builders has said that Brexit could worsen construction skills crisis Credit: PA

Federation of Master Builders has said that Brexit could worsen construction skills crisis.

They're now urging the Government to ensure that any new system of immigration provides the construction sector with enough skilled workers to build the homes and infrastructure projects needed.

“The UK construction industry has been heavily reliant on migrant workers from Europe for decades now – at present, 12% of the British construction workers are of non-UK origin.

The majority of these workers are from EU countries such as Poland, Romania and Lithuania and they have helped the construction industry bounce back from the economic downturn when 400,000 skilled workers left our industry, most of which did not return. It is now the Government’s responsibility to ensure that the free-flowing tap of migrant workers from Europe is not turned off.

If Ministers want to meet their house building and infrastructure objectives, they have to ensure that the new system of immigration is responsive to the needs of industry.” Berry continued: “At the same time, we need to ensure that we invest in our own home-grown talent through apprenticeship training. We need to train more construction apprentices so we are not overly reliant on migrant workers from Europe or further afield.

That’s why it’s so important that the Government gets the funding framework right for apprenticeships – when you consider that this whole policy area is currently in flux, and then you add Brexit into the mix, it’s no exaggeration to say that a few wrong moves by the Government could result in the skills crisis becoming a skills catastrophe. The next few years will bring unprecedented challenges to the construction and house building sector, and it’s only through close collaboration between the Government and industry that we’ll be able to overcome them.”

– Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB

North East Chamber of Commerce: "Significant numbers of members worried"

The North East Chamber of Commerce Credit: NECC

The North East Chamber of Commerce say there are a "significant number of members worried about leaving" the EU.

They went on to say that they want to secure the best possible ongoing relationship with Europe.

“A significant number of our members are worried about the impact of leaving. The focus for us now is to ensure these business concerns are addressed. It is vital the Government ensures minimal disruption to trade and investment as the process of change begins.

“We also need to see measures to reassure businesses on issues such as access to overseas talent and the future of regional funding streams.

“We have an export record which is the strongest in the whole country and this must not be compromised as the decision to leave becomes a reality. The Government must now secure the best possible ongoing relationship with Europe and the rest of the world to enable sustained business growth in our region.”

James Ramsbotham, Chief Executive, the Chamber


UK Steel: "This will send shockwaves through the UK steel industry"

Steel making in the UK Credit: PA

The director of UK Steel has released a statement saying the decision for the UK to leave the EU will send shockwaves through the UK steel industry.

He said they were now asking the government to come up with clear and concrete actions to ensure that trade with the EU continues.

“The decision to leave the European Union will send shockwaves across the UK’s steel industry. Our sector is well versed in having challenges thrust upon it, but it’s clear that this is like no other.

“It is now more essential than ever to create the right business conditions in the UK that allow the steel industry to survive, invest and thrive.

This will ensure that our vital supply chains, such as defence, automotive and construction, can rely on the production of steel in the UK so we are self-sufficient and can never be left at the mercy of others.

Government now needs to fully and finally tackle head on the uncompetitive electricity and policy costs that have historically hindered the growth of steel producers and seen thousands of high-skilled jobs lost over the last year.

We need to see all major projects, from HS2 to Hinckley Point to airport expansion, all using British Steel instead of procuring from foreign companies that offer no social value to the UK and its communities and economy.

“Government can now match words with actions and take the lead in dealing with subsidised exports, most notably form China, that are slowly destroying steel making in the UK. It must come up with clear and concrete actions to ensure that we can still trade with the EU, while at the same time ensuring that trade tariffs have the teeth to guard against dumping of Chinese steel.

An exceptionally challenging ask, but one the whole UK steel industry stands ready to support.”

– Gareth Stace, Director of UK Steel
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