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Text Santa: Alzheimer's Society

In the build up to our Christmas fundraising campaign Text Santa's live show this Friday evening, we're looking at how the money raised will benefit people here in the North East.

Alzheimer's Society is one of the six charities chosen. It funds dementia support workers and pays for activities for people living with dementia and their carers.

Watch Katie Oakes's full report here:



Text Santa: Helping teenagers with cancer

This week on Tyne Tees we'll be hearing about how some of the money being raised for Text Santa will benefit people right here in the North East.

The first charity we are going to see is the Teenage Cancer Trust. They fund specialist units like the one at the Great North Children's hospital, which allow young people to support one another and improve what can be a very isolating situation.

Cameron Asprey from Teesside was given the all clear four years ago:

Top tipple tips to stay safe this Christmas

Leave your car keys at home! Credit: PA

An alcohol-awareness group in the North East has issued its top tips for staying safe while having fun this Christmas.

As many people head out on the town and drink more than usual, Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is recommending a number of simple steps party-goers can take to ensure they stay safe, the first of which is to drink responsibly.

  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks
  • Eat before you go out
  • Book a taxi to take you home in advance
  • Don’t get in an unlicensed cab
  • Stay with your friends while you are out
  • Make sure you have your mobile phone and it is charged
  • Tell friends and family where you are going and what time you plan to be home.

Every year too many people in the North East are admitted to hospital with alcohol-related problems over the festive period. Not only can excessive drinking spoil the festivities for the people involved and their families, it also puts a huge strain on our emergency services. By drinking sensibly, everyone can play their part in helping to reduce the burden.”

– Colin Shevills, Director of Balance

Coastal bombardments remembered 100 years on

Some of the damage caused to Hartlepool, December 16, 1914 Credit: Hartlepool Council

Today marks the centenary of the bombardment of Hartlepool, Scarborough and Whitby.

One hundred years ago today five German battle cruisers struck the North East coast.

137 people were killed and 592 were injured.

Many of these were civilians.

Services will take place throughout the day to remember those who died.

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