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Ambulance 'reverses up' Northumberlandia for rescue

A woman has been rescued from the top of the huge land sculpture Northumberlandia in Cramlington after injuring her ankle.

Northumberlandia is a huge land sculpture in the shape of a reclining female figure. Credit: Jamie Welsh, Cramlington Camera Club

Amatuer photographer Jamie Welsh was walking his dog when he found the woman sitting down and went to help her yesterday, September 6th.

Speaking to ITV News Tyne Tees Mr Walsh said he called an ambulance, but once they arrived at the sculpture it had to "reverse up the structure" to be able to reach the woman safety.


Criticism over new hospital in Northumberland

There has been criticism about the opening of a new hospital in Northumberland. Some people living in rural communities say they are angry that they will have to travel to Cramlington for serious A&E conditions, while only being able to use Hexham, Wansbeck and North Tyneside hospitals for less serious problems. Doctors say it means patients will receive better care.

Boy in hospital after trousers set on fire

A 15-year-old boy has been assaulted and suffered burns to his leg and thigh.

Police say fuel was poured over his trousers and set alight during the attack, which happened at around 11.29pm last Thursday, April 2nd, near the One Stop Shop at the Brockwell Centre, Cramlington, Northumberland.

The boy has been taken to the RVI in Newcastle for treatment where his injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

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