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Relegation 'not what the fans wanted'

The Chairman of DFC 1883 Ltd, Dennis Pinegar, says the FA's decision to place the club in the Northern League is not what the interim board wanted.

Following a hearing at Wembley Stadium this morning the FA dismissed an appeal against the decision on all counts.

The club will now be playing in level 5 of the football pyramid next season and not be allowed to play under the name Darlington FC.

I know there is nothing else that could have been done in order to get the result of the appeal changed, the FA have decided that we are to be viewed as a new club and as much as we can challenge that and argue the case we have to now accept that.

There has been a lot of uncertainty around this club in recent times, and the fans deserve better. It's our job now to work with the fans, get the fans to back the club and get the club back playing in Darlington - at the highest level we can, as soon as we can.

– Dennis Pinegar, 1883 Ltd Chairman


FA confirm date for Darlington FC appeal

Darlington FC 1883 Ltd have been told by the FA that their appeal against the FA decision to class Darlington FC as a "new club" and to place the club at level 5 of the football pyramid will be heard on the 21st June 2012.

We have to be confident when we go down as we put forward a strong appeal, but we are taking nothing for granted. We will be well prepared and hope to come back with a positive and fair result.

– Laura Drew, director of DFC 1883 Ltd

Darlington appeal against FA relegation

Darlington FC have lodged an appeal against the decision to relegate the club four divisions.

The Quakers were relegated to the Northern League Division One on the recommendation of the Football Association after going into administration last season.

The club were recently taken over by the group Darlington FC 1883 Limited, and classed as a 'new club' as debts remained with the existing holding company and not the new company.

The FA said the Northern League Division One was the highest league they could be placed in.

Darlington FC 1883 argue that it is not a new club, and say they submitted their appeal last Friday afternoon.

Chairman Denis Pinnegar said:

"The amount of positive support we have had for this appeal has been a great boost, we have to be hopeful that it will be successful."

– Denis Pinnegar, Chairman of Darlington FC 1883 Limited


Public reactions to Darlington FC fight for survival

The possibility of a Company Voluntary Agreement will be discussed next week. A CVA is a proposal telling creditors what they can expect to get back. It's claimed the success depends on former owner Raj Singh waiving the £800,000 he is owed.

Darlington 1883 was formed as a limited company. This was against the advice of the national body Supporters Direct, which suggested the club be run as a community club with profits ploughed back into it; as many other clubs have done. We speak to people in Darlington for their reaction.

Countdown to save Darlington Football Club

There is one week left for people in Darlington to raise the money needed to save the town's football club. In February a new company was formed called Darlington FC 1883, which hoped to sell £750,000 of shares.

That money would have paid off debts and allowed the club to carry on, but a week before the deadline, they have raised less than half of the money needed.

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