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Father charged over baby son's dog attack death

A man from Sunderland has been charged over the death of his baby son, who was attacked by a pet dog.

Reggie Young died after being attacked by a dog in June

Reggie Young died in hospital after being bitten by a terrier-type dog, which was later destroyed. The attack happened at his home on Falkland Road in June. His father, 30-year-old Ryan Young, has been charged with assault or ill-treatment or neglect of a child, and being in charge of a dangerous dog that caused injury resulting in death.


Dog shot and killed by police after attacking man protecting his baby

A dog was shot and later "humanely destroyed" by police after it attacked a man who was trying to protect his one-year-old baby from being mauled by the animal.

Desperate members of the public tried to fight off the Japanese Akita with planks of wood after it viciously attacked the father on Marton Road, Middlesbrough, on Monday evening, September 7th.

A street view of Marton Road near the location of the attack. Credit: Google Maps

The father, who is in his 20s, was walking with a young baby boy, who was in a pushchair, four other children and four other adults with five small shih-tzu dogs.

When the man tried to protect the baby, he suffered bite wounds to his arms and legs.

The dog was eventually detained in its owner's garden before it was "humanely destroyed" several hours later by armed police.

The victim was taken to James Cook University Hospital with serious injuries, which are not thought to be life-threatening.

Dog owners urged to control their pets

Watch Julia Barthram's report on the age old problem of dogs and postmen. Everybody knows they don't always get on and now dog owners are being urged to take better control of their pets.

120 postmen were attacked by dogs in the North East last year.

The number of attacks goes up dramatically during the summer months and especially in the nice weather. That's when pet owners are most likely to leave doors open and let their animals out into the garden.

Since April 2011 there have been over 5500 attacks on Royal Mail staff across the UK as a whole, some leading to a life changing injury. The attacks also lead to more than 4000 days off work.