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County Durham town remembers Drummer Rigby

A memorial has taken place in a County Durham town to mark the funeral of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Army veterans gathered along with local people in Sedgefield this morning to remember the 25-year-old who was brutally murdered in Woolwich in May.

The funeral of Drummer Lee Rigby took place this morning in his hometown of Bury in Lancashire where thousands gathered on the streets to pay their final respects.

Book of condolence opened in memory of Lee Rigby

A book of condolence in memory of Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was murdered in Woolwich last week, has been opened by Newcastle City Council.

For the next three weeks the book will be in the Customer Service Centre at Newcastle Civic Centre.

The Council says it will provide an opportunity for people shocked and appalled by his death to pay their respects to him and his family.

Drummer Lee Rigby Credit: MOD

Cllr Veronica Dunn, the Council's Armed Forces Champion, said:

" People up and down the country were quite rightly horrified and appalled at the murder of Lee Rigby."

"Newcastle City Council is a big supporter of the armed forces, and the city has a long and proud association with Lee's regiment, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. "

"This book of condolence will give people the opportunity to put down in writing their feelings of sorrow, but also defiance that crimes like this will only make us stronger and more united as a country."


Drummer Lee Rigby: Veterans salute the 'armed forces brotherhood'

The Sedgefield Village Veterans have gathered to pay tribute to Drummer Lee Rigby, who was murdered in Woolwich last week.

They have marked the deaths of each serviceman and woman killed in Afghanistan.

This was the first time they have honoured a soldier who has died in this country.

Speaking after the ceremony, David Hillerby said Lee Rigby's death was another reminder of the ties that unite all members of the armed forces:

County Durham veterans pay tribute to drummer Lee Rigby

Sedgefield Village Veterans gather for today's ceremony Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The murdered soldier Lee Rigby has been remembered by veterans in County Durham.

Lee Rigby was killed outside his barracks in Woolwich last week.

The Sedgefield Village Veterans have marked the deaths of each serviceman or woman who has died in recent overseas conflicts.

This is the first time they have bestowed the honour on a soldier killed in this country.