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WW2 veteran has bricks, not presents, for his birthday

A WW2 veteran who has donated bricks to Durham Cathedral to celebrate his 95th birthday says his donation is for a cathedral which "has always been close to my heart".

Jim Mulhall, who was in the Durham Light Infantry, has organised the donation instead of getting birthday gifts for himself.

He and some friends will add 100 lego bricks to the Durham Cathedral's LEGO build.

WW2 veteran donates 100 bricks to Durham Cathedral

Jim Mulhall is celebrating his 95th birthday by donating 100 bricks to Durham Cathedral's lego build

A WW2 veteran who was taken captive in Monte Cassino and escaped in a stolen Red Cross Ambulance has donated to Durham Cathedral's LEGO build for his 95th birthday.

Jim Mulhall, who was in the Durham Light Infantry, and some friends will add 100 lego bricks to the growing structure.

Durham Cathedral's lego structure

Every brick raises a pound towards the Cathedral's £10m Open Treasure appeal and 94,000 have been bought so far. Jim Mulhall organised the donation instead of getting birthday gifts for himself.


Durham Cathedral Lego project turns one

80,000 bricks have been built in the replica so far

A charity project to build a replica of Durham Cathedral from Lego is celebrating its first birthday.

The model consists of 80,000 bricks so far, but is less than a quarter complete.

As part of the celebrations, the North East Autism Society is helping cathedral volunteers to build the Lego high altar.

Donors have to pay £1 to lay a brick, with the money raised being used to improve access to the real cathedral.

Durham Cathedral Lego project celebrates its first birthday

Evidence of Roman settlement at Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral: once a Roman settlement, according to new evidence. Credit: PA
Hard at work: the team includes archaeologists from Durham University. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees
Hidden treasure: the archaeologists have uncovered a wealth of material from several periods of history. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of a Roman settlement on the peninsula where Durham Cathedral now stands.

They have unearthed samian ware, a type of glossy red pottery from the Roman era.

The team of archaeologists, which includes specialists from Durham University, are also studying the lives of medieval monks.


Council pleased with lighting award

Durham Cathedral and Castle has been recognised with a top international lighting award for its outdoor floodlights.

John Reed, head of technical services at Durham Council Council, said:

"To get third prize out of 26 projects shortlisted around the globe is an outstanding achievement. Our scheme uses exterior floodlighting that it not only spectacular but also minimises the environmental footprint. It literally shows our World Heritage Sites in the best possible light."

– John Reed, Durham Council Council

Durham given top lighting award

Durham Cathedral Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Durham Cathedral and Castle has been given a top international lighting award.

The venues new energy efficient floodlights, which are managed by Durham County Council, were shortlisted in the top three at the prestigious Auroralia Awards, a scheme recognising sustainable lighting.

The floodlights have flexible control systems which enable the light intensity to be varied. On and off times can also be altered to respond to changing circumstances and for special events.

Church helps build cathedral Lego model

Gillian Britton, who coordinated the build at St Paul's Church in Spennymoor, said:

"It has been a fantastic opportunity to play our small part in helping to create a replica of this iconic building. We have been overwhelmed with the local community's support for this fundraiser and now we are looking forward to seeing our sections added to the model."

– Gillian Britton, St Paul's Church

Cathedral grateful for church donation

Gaye Kirby, Head of Development at Durham Cathedral said:

"We are very grateful to members of St Paul's church, both young and old, for helping us to build two sections of Durham Cathedral in LEGO bricks.

"Durham Cathedral in LEGO is a 'hands-on' fundraising initiative which we hope will attract support from across the Diocese. Our target is to raise £300,000 towards our £1 million public appeal for Open Treasure, the Cathedral's major development project which will transform the experience of those visiting Durham Cathedral."

– Gaye Kirby, Head of Development at Durham Cathedral
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