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Police believe body found in River Wear is missing student Euan Coulthard

19-year-old Euan Coulthard has not been seen since a night out on Wednesday 14 January. Credit: Durham Police
Police responded to reports of a body near Framwellgate Bridge in Durham city centre this morning. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Police say they believe a body pulled from the River Wear today is the missing Durham University student Euan Coulthard.

Police responded to reports of a body near Framwellgate Bridge in Durham city centre this morning. That body has now been pulled from the river.

Speaking via an official Twitter account, Durham Police said the body is "believed" to be the missing student.

19-year-old Euan Coulthard, a second-year law student at St Mary's College, has not been seen since going on a night out on Wednesday 14 January.

A post-mortem examination of the body will take place later. No formal identification has yet taken place.

Police confirm a body has been found

Police have confirmed that a body has been located in the River Wear.

Emergency services were called to reports of a body, officers were responding, and they are now in a position to confirm that divers will be going into the River Wear in the next hour.

The body has been found as police search for missing student Euan Coulthard.


Framwellgate Bridge cordoned off by police

Police tape around Framwellgate Bridge Credit: ITV

Framwellgate Bridge, where missing student Euan Coulthard was last seen, has been cordoned off. Police have been called to reports of a body in the river. They are currently investigating.

Police have been called to reports of a body Credit: ITV

Body found in the search for missing student

Police in Durham are responding to reports of a body close to where missing Euan Coulthard was last seen. An area by Framwellgate Bridge has been cordoned off while emergency services attend the scene.

Framwellgate Bridge in Durham Credit: ITV

Police are waiting for Northumbria's Marine Unit to arrive.

Police have cordoned off the area Credit: ITV


Friends of missing Euan Coulthard meet one week on

Friends of missing Durham University student Euan Coulthard met up late last night in Durham City in the hope of jogging memories a week after Euan disappeared.

Euan Coulthard has been missing one week

They spoke to members of the public and handed out posters in the hope that someone would remember something to help with the search.

Despite extensive searches, 19-year-old Euan, from St Mary’s College, has not been found.


CCTV footage shows a man, believed to be Euan, leaving Loveshack at around 11.50pm last Wednesday. He made his way towards Claypath and from there through the market place and down Silver Street where he crossed Framwellgate Bridge. The footage then shows him heading down the steps by the Bishop Langley Pub.

The Loveshack, Durham Credit: ITV

Earlier in the evening Euan, who originates from a village near Nottingham, had a meal with friends at La Spaghettata on Saddler Street, before going to the nightclub.

Almost 30 of Euan’s university friends met at about 11pm last night, supported by PCSO Rebecca Carey, police university liaison officer, and Professor Simon Hackett and Catherine Paine, principal and vice principal, of St Mary’s College.

“Euan is a much-loved young man with many friends who are missing him and are keen to do everything they can to find him. While acknowledging that as time passes the chance of someone remembering something significant about Euan’s whereabouts is slim, they did not want to miss an opportunity to highlight that it is a week since he disappeared.

“Hopefully their presence and contact with members of the public close to where he was last seen will have jogged the memories of people who were also out and about in that area last Wednesday and result in information coming in.”

– PCSO Rebecca Carey

“Euan’s friends have shown tremendous courage by coming out and talking to the public one week after Euan went missing. The whole college community has been profoundly affected by Euan’s disappearance and we are keen to support the police in any way we can with their enquiries.”

– Prof Hackett

Police Commissioner looking at river safety options

Durham's Police Commissioner has said there is scope to install barriers along the River Wear in Durham, after the deaths of two young people and the disappearance of another in the same area in the last year.

10,000 people have signed a petition over the weekend calling for better safety measures around the River Wear.

Ron Hogg told ITV News work was ongoing to make the river walk safer - but said that individual responsibility comes first.

Searches are ongoing for Euan Coulthard, 19, a law student from Nottingham who was last seen walking near the river after a night out.

"At the end of the day it is first and foremost about individual responsibility. It is as well when you are out in a group making sure that everyone is cared for and looked after within that group.

"But then I think there is a scope for a risk assessment around particularly dangerous parts of the river course and maybe could re-enforce safety in those areas?

"Barriers are one solution and that has been looked at - to see how effective they could be and what height they need to be because a barrier too low could cause you to trip over it itself."

– Ron Hogg, Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham

Missing Euan Coulthard - the search so far

Police are on the fifth day of their search for missing 19-year-old Euan Coulthard. He is studying law at St Mary’s College, and was last seen leaving Loveshack nightclub in the Walkergate area of Durham City late on January 14.

Euan had been for a meal at La Spaghettata on Silver Street before going to Loveshack.

Since Euan was reported missing on Thursday afternoon, extensive searches have been carried out by police, fire crews and mountain and fell rescue.

The river Wear has been searched from 300 metres beyond Prebends Bridge back down to Finchale Abbey. Certain parts of the river at Chester-le-Street and Washington have also been searched. Dogs have searched the river banks on both sides.

Hours of CCTV footage has been studied and images of a man believed to be Euan have indicated that he made his way towards Claypath, through the market place and down Saddler Street where he crossed Framwellgate Bridge. The footage then shows the man heading down the steps adjacent to the Bishop Langley Pub towards the river. This is the last potential sighting of Euan.

It is the fifth day of the search for Euan Coulthard

“Extensive search activity has been carried out over the weekend and the investigation to find Euan is very much ongoing. We have been working closely with our colleagues at fire and rescue and mountain and fell rescue to find Euan. “We are also working closely with Durham University and would like to thank the students who have assisted in the search so far. My team will continue to follow up on any new information we receive and with this in mind I would urge anyone with information to contact police on 101.”

– Superintendent Colin Williamson
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