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Petition for better river safety measures after concern for missing student

A petition has been launched by a member of the public in Durham for better safety measures around the River Wear. It follows the deaths of Luke Pearce and Sope Peters, and the concern for missing Euan Coulthard.

Robyn Travers is gathering signatures and asking Durham County Council to consider installing CCTV cameras along the river banks, as well as better lighting and railings.


'Come home safe, Euan': Messages of support for missing student

Friends of missing student Euan Coulthard have sent messages of support, urging the 19-year-old to get in touch.

Euan hasn't been since since just after midnight yesterday, when he was captured on CCTV after leaving Loveshack nightclub alone.

A Facebook page 'Help find Euan Coulthard' is sharing information about the on-going search and already has almost 1,400 likes.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.

Police search for missing Euan focussed on land

Police search for missing student Euan Coulthard. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Officers have 'serious concerns' about the welfare of missing Euan Coulthard, 36 hours after he was last seen.

The 19-year-old had been out with friends in Loveshack bar in the city centre.

He left alone and was captured on CCTV walking along Claypath Bridge and down the steps past the Bishop Langley pub just after midnight yesterday (Thursday 15 January).

Friends of the law student reported him missing after he failed to respond to calls, messages or emails. Police say they know his phone powered down at 12:05am.

"His friends have told us this is very out of character for Euan and that after nights out, they usually go home all together or in small groups."

– Insp Dave Coxon, Durham Police
Police search for missing student focussed on land. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Police stressed their focus is a land search, although volunteer mountain rescue teams have been searching the River Wear.

Although we had volunteers from the mountain rescue searching in canoes as far away as Finchale, the search today remains a one on land.

"If we receive any new information or we are confident that Euan is not in this immediate area, we may scale the search back and go into the water.

"We don't know what Euan's motives were in going down those stairs, so if anyone may have spoken to him after he left the night club, or has seen him recently, we need them to get in touch."

– Insp Dave Coxon, Durham Police

Durham students search for missing friend

Scores of students turn out to search for missing Euan Coulthard. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Friends of the missing Durham University student Euan Coulthard have been helping police on searches of the city, as officers said they have 'serious concerns' about his safety.

Students join search for 19-year-old Euan Coulthard. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The 19-year-old law student was last seen just after midnight yesterday, captured on CCTV crossing a bridge in the city centre after leaving Loveshack nightclub.

Euan Coulthard, 19, was last seen just after midnight yesterday. Credit: Durham Police

Around 200 students turned out at 8am today to help police on searches of the banks of the River Wear around the Silver Street area, close to the Bishop Langley pub.

Police search riverbanks for missing Durham student Euan Coulthard. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Lee Murray, 18, of Gateshead, studied alongside Euan at St Mary's College is among the search party.

"We have been out since around 8am, there's around 100 of us left but earlier on there was double that.

"We all want to do our best to find Euan, he is a lovely lad who is really involved in the college socials, he loves cricket and everyone speaks about how liked he is.

"It's so tragic. We're handing leaflets out to ask the if the people of Durham have seen Euan and if anyone has any information it would be appreciated.

"We came down to the riverside to see if we could even find his jacket, if he has gone into the water, we couldn't find anything.

"I just hope the police can do a better job. Everyone is devastated, especially his close friends and flat mates."

– Lee Murray, Durham university sports science student
Around 200 students turned out to help searches from 8am. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Posters go up around Durham as search for missing student continues

Shops display posters of missing student


Police encourage social media users to share photo of missing student

Euan Coulthard

Durham Police have thanked the 260+ people on Twitter who have retweeted a picture of missing Euan Coulthard and they are encouraging more to share the image.

The 19-year-old law student is missing after a night out with friends in Durham.

Missing Durham University student was last seen in Durham nightclub

Durham University student Euan Coulthard, 19, who is studying law at St Mary's College, was last seen just after midnight on January 15. He was on a night out with friends at The Love Shack.

Searches to continue for missing Durham University student

Police will continue their search this morning, for a missing Durham University law student who disappeared after a night out in Durham. 19-year-old Euan Coulthard was last seen on Walkergate just after midnight yesterday.

Euan Coulthard
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