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Gateshead youngsters' garden party to help celebrate Queen's birthday

Gateshead school children helped celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday with a special lunch.

Pupils at Clover Hill Primary School in Whickham, ditched the school dining room in favour of a picnic-style Garden Party on the grass outside the school.

Headteacher Louise Easton said the youngsters had been learning about the longest-reigning monarch and said it was important they knew their royal history.


MPs react to new database to share medical records

On this week's Around The House, we debate a new scheme to share medical records kept by GP surgeries.

The information will be collected in a huge database and could eventually be shared with researchers and drug companies.

The NHS says data will be coded to protect confidentiality. Opponents say that cannot be guaranteed.

The North East MPs Iain Wright and Ian Swales joined the Carlisle member John Stevenson to consider the issues:

Around The House: women in politics

How can all parties encourage more women into politics? Almost a hundred years since the first women were elected to the House of Commons, they still make up less than a quarter of the total number of MPs.

This week the Prime Minister was accused by the Labour leader of 'failing women', by not promoting more to senior roles in government.

The Sunderland Central MP Labour Julie Elliott has been debating the issue of women in politics at an event in Newcastle.

She discussed those challenges with Helen Ford, for this month's edition of Around The House:


The state of state education

The Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to reduce the gulf between schools in the state and private sectors.

In a speech this week, he called on state schools to model themselves on independent lines.

The Hartlepool MP Iain Wright, Redcar's Ian Swales and Carlisle member John Stevenson debated the issue for this week's Around The House.

The conversation began with a reminder of what Mr Gove had said:

Around The House: ITV tonight at 11:40pm

Topical discussion with the region's MPs Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

On tonight's Around The House, MPs debate proposals to share medical records across the NHS and beyond.

The Hartlepool Labour MP Iain Wright, Redcar Liberal Democrat Ian Swales and the Carlisle Conservative member John Stevenson also consider plans to model state schools on the private sector.

Plus, how do we encourage more women into politics? We hear the thoughts of the Sunderland MP Julie Elliott.

Join Helen Ford and guests at 11:40pm tonight (Thursday 6th February) on ITV Tyne Tees.

Lobbying for the North East: MPs to hold regular meetings with Government

For many years, the North East was at the heart of government.

That is no longer the case and many Labour MPs have been left asking how they can lobby more effectively for the region.

Now, the Cities Minister Greg Clark has agreed to hold regular meetings with the region's MPs.

What difference will they make? The Newcastle East Labour MP Nick Brown spoke to Helen Ford in this month's edition of Around The House.

Watch the full interview here - including reaction from Conservative MP James Wharton.

"You need a thick skin": the debate on women in politics

How can we encourage more women into politics? It is a subject being debated at an event in Newcastle this evening.

Among those taking part is the Sunderland Labour MP Julie Elliott.

She told Helen Ford about the challenges facing those considering a career in politics:

You can watch the full interview with Julie Elliott on Around The House tonight (Thursday 6th February) at 11:40pm on ITV.

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