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Yacht rescued off the coast of Northumberland

The Yacht was recovered in the early hours of Saturday morning Credit: RNLI

A yacht carrying two passengers has been rescued off the coast of Northumberland.

RNLI crews were called out to the vessel after it became stranded around five miles off the coast of Amble, at 3:50am on Saturday morning.

The yacht had endured a water pump failure and got into difficulties whilst it was en route from Eyemouth to Hartlepool, on Teesside. It was towed to Amble Harbour by lifeboat.

Coastguard warns over 'wave-dodging'

As a teenage girl fights for her life in hospital, a warning is being given to people about the dangers of playing by the sea. 14-year-old Katie Maclean is in a critical condition after being swept off a wall at Eyemouth Harbour. Coastguards believe she was 'wave-dodging' with a friend.

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