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Firefighters rescue bullock from slurry pit

A team of firefighters faced an unusual rescue operation when they were called out to save a bullock from a slurry pit.

The fire crew from Richmond, North Yorkshire, were sent to a farm at Kirby Fleetham near Northallerton at around 8.40 this morning after the bullock fell into the pit.

Five firefighters placed heavyweight straps underneath the bullock, which was up to its neck in slurry, to assist the farmer with the rescue.

The farmer then used a tractor with forklift to lift the frightened animal out of the 4ft deep pit.

The crew cleaned the bullock with a hose before returning it to the barn.

It took us about 45 minutes all together. All crews from North Yorkshire are a dab hand at this kind of rescue. It was hosed down and is back in the barn with all its mates.

– David Pitt, Fire Service Manager, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service


  1. Lucy Taylor

Children's Countryside Day teaches children about their food

As many of us buy our food from the supermarket, it would be easy for our children to think it starts out there. Even those who live in the countryside do not always make the connection between farming and the dinner table.

The Children's Countryside Day in Northumberland is designed to fill in the blanks by giving children a day of hands-on farm experience.

Watch the full report below.

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