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Extreme weather affecting birds in Northumberland

Extreme weather has severely affected breeding seabirds on the Northumberland coastline.

Atlantic puffins are threatened by extreme weather on the Northumberland coastline Credit: Patrick Pleul/DPA

According to the National Trust, Atlantic puffins are particularly threatened on the Farne Islands. Flooding of their burrows during the summer meant that one of the islands failed to produce any chicks.


Grounded ship operators fined: chief officer asleep on watch

The MV Danio. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The operators of a ship which crashed onto the Farne Islands have been fined £60,000, after a court heard how the chief officer had fallen asleep on watch and there was no look-out man on the deck either.

The MV Danio was grounded for several days on the island in March last year.

Judge Brian Forster agreed it was fortunate a major environmental and maritime disaster hasn't resulted from the failures.

Owners of ship that ran aground on the Farne Islands due to be sentenced

The owners of a ship, which ran aground on the Farne Islands in 2013 are due to be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court. MV Danio was on its way from Scotland to Belgium when it snagged on rocks after a crew member fell asleep and a warning system was switched off.

MV Danio ran aground on the Farne Islands, an important centre for wildlife Credit: ITV


Farne Islands' puffins stand up to be counted

Farne Island puffins will be counted throughout the summer. Credit: ITV News

The number of puffins that live off the Northumberland coast will be counted later.

It's the start of the National Trust's puffin census, which takes place on the Farne Islands every five years.

The count dates back to 1939 and involves rangers putting their hands down each and every puffin burrow on the islands to find out exact numbers of breeding pairs.

Rangers are counting puffins to find the exact numbers of breeding pairs. Credit: ITV News
The puffin census started in 1939. Credit: ITV News
Farne Islands puffin. Credit: ITV News
Puffins on the Farne Islands. Credit: ITV News