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Daisy the dog needs a home

Families are being urged to think hard about whether they can afford a dog before getting one.

In the last 3 years the number of people telling Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter they can't afford their pet has risen by 24%.

Daisy was found as a stray and brought in by the dog warden but no one claimed her.

The Shelter's Chief Executive Leyla Rutter and Daisy came into the studio to talk about how much it costs to own a dog

If you would like more information please contact Leyla Rutter at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.

Families urged to check finances before getting a dog

Families thinking of getting a pet dog are being urged to check they can afford the new addition in the long term.

Experts are worried more people are abandoning their pets because they don't realise the costs involved with their care.

As David Wood reports, food, pet insurance and visits to the vets add up and can leave people struggling to pay the bills.


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David Grieve viewer comment

Government have pledged to encourage alternate, more eco-friendly fuel for vehicles. There is a lot of panic about rising Petrol prices, but what about the lpg(Autogas) that my car uses?

Price per liter has risen in just 6 months from 70.9p to the current 79.9p-will the Chancellor reduce the Tax on Autogas to encourage more use? I DON'T think so... :-(

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