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Military helps inspect flood defences across the region

Flood defences in York. Credit: British Army
Soldiers, sailors and airmen were tasked with inspecting 2,453 flood risk sites across the region. Credit: British Army
The inspection work came about after the flooding that hit many parts of the country earlier this year. Credit: British Army

Military personnel have been helping the Environment Agency in their efforts to reduce the risk of flooding in the North East. Soldiers, sailors and airmen were tasked with inspecting 2,453 flood risk sites across the region.

The inspection work came about after the flooding that hit many parts of the country earlier this year. They travelled around the North East’s coastlines, rivers, culverts and reservoirs recording any defects and reporting them to the Environment Agency.

Matt Crump, from the Environment Agency, said: “This has helped us gain a clearer picture of the current condition of local flood defences, which were put under significant pressure during storms, high tides and record levels of rainfall this winter.”

Fire service heads south to help floods clean-up

As poor weather continues to affect parts of the UK, flood-hit regions of Southern England are receiving support from County Durham and Darlington Fire and RescueService.

One of the service’s swift water rescue teams will also be based in Berkshire over the weekend.

It follows equipment and appliances which were deployed to Berkshire and London earlier in the week.

We are pleased that our expertise and equipment can be used to support communities and fire and rescue services in other areas of the UK when needed.

These arrangements have been made as part of national resilience arrangements and any costs will be met by central government.

We would like to reassure people living and working in County Durham and Darlington that we have another swift water rescue crew available should we need it and we are able to manage our deployments to ensure that we are covered in the event of incidents happening within our own service area.

– Stuart Errington, Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service


  1. Katie Oakes

Full Report: More Newburn flats to be demolished

A second block of flats are being demolished on a Tyneside housing estate that was wrecked by floods in September 2012.

Heavy rain washed away the land and foundations under part of Spencer Court in Newburn.

The families living there were forced to quickly pack up their belongings and leave.

One block was demolished a month after the floods. The developers say they had no choice but to tear this one down too.

ITV Tyne Tee's Katie Oakes spoke to Geoff Woodcock, from Dunelm Homes, Derek Watt from MGL demolition and local resident Tom Caine.


Newburn residents 'already endured distress'

A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council confirmed they have approved a demolition request from Dunelm Homes.

“This is obviously a very sad development for the residents of Spencer Court who have already endured a great deal of distress and inconvenience.

“We continue to work closely with Dunelm Homes to try to get the best outcomes for all of the residents and parties involved.”

– Newcastle City Council

Dunelm Homes has spent over £1.5m dealing with the aftermath of the flooding at Newburn. One demolition has already taken place.

Dunelm Homes: "It is extremely sad"

Dunelm Homes has released a statement following the confirmation that a second demolition will take place at the Newburn flats. A spokesperson said the company understands how distressing the situation is for the people who lived there and that it has been 'shocking'.

‘It is extremely sad that another Block of apartments at Spencer Court has become a victim of the catastrophic events following the culvert collapse in May 2012. The impact on all of the residents at Spencer Court has been shocking and protracted and our sincere sympathies are with them.

‘In August we shared with the leaseholders our opinion that the risk of attempting to pressure grout Block B was too high – as explained in our statement dated 21st August.

‘We will continue to support leaseholders throughout the coming months, which are bound to continue to be very distressing for them.'

– Dunelm Homes
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