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Full Report: Torrential floods cause bridge to collapse

48 hours of poor weather caused roads to close and cut communities off in the North East.Flood alerts have now been lifted,, but the clean-up is continuing.

In Woolsingham in County Durham a bridge collapsed - cutting off the village from the main road.

The council has now said that they will be putting a temporary bridge in place to allow vehicles to travel along the road.

Watch the full report from Frances Read below.

Temporary bridge for cut-off community

Durham County Council will build a temporary bridge for people living near Wolsingham who have been cut off after flash flooding damaged Thornhope Beck Bridge. The council is now looking into how quickly this can be done. Farmers and people working in businesses are struggling to travel.

The road has been closed since the weekend because of structural damage. Durham Police have since had calls about drivers ignoring the signage. The only alternative access to this area is only suitable for 4x4s.

“In seeking a longer term solution and so that we can repair the historic stone structure, we will be reliant on the cooperation of local landowners.

“This will involve lifting the temporary structure to the side of the bridge so that full repairs can be carried out.

“I would like to thank the community for their continued support and reassure everyone that we are doing everything possible to find a solution as quickly as possible.”

– Adrian White, Durham County Council
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