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Consultant says "Crazy" organ donor legislation means babies are dying.

A leading consultant at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle says tiny babies are dying because current legislation governing heart donation is out of date.

Dr Richard Kirk was speaking after the publication of a report by researchers at Great Ormond Street Hospital calling for the UK to be brought in line with Europe, American and Australia

At present strict rules prevent babies under two months becoming donors, but they don't forbid organs being imported from abroad. Dr Kirk says the current system has led to the deaths of five babies under his care in the past 18 months


How to burn off 10,000 calories - in one day

Three men have been burning off 10,000 calories each at a gym in Newcastle. The gruelling workout was to raise money for the Children's Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

The fundraising was led by Ivan Hollingsworth whose son's life was saved by the unit when he was only 16 weeks old.

Watch the full report above to see exactly how much food corresponds to 10,000 calories...

Hollingsworth, Shephard and May tweet calorie countdown

Why three people will attempt to burn 10,000 calories each...

Fundraiser Ivan Hollingsworth, TV presenter Ben Sherhard and former Newcastle Falcons player Tom May will attempt to burn 10,000 calories each to raise money for CHUF.

Ivan Hollingsworth's son Sebastian was cared for at the Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital. He has already raised £333,000 for the cause after the team saved his son's life.

The money raised today will pay for a play facility for young patients.


Full report: Woman gets long-awaited transplant after kidney 'swap'

A woman who has been waiting for 12 years for a kidney transplant is finally due to get one after a matching donor agreed to donate their's, but only as long as someone she knew gave a kidney in return.

Karen Williams' husband, Jez Williams, immediately agreed and the operation is due to take place on Monday. If everything is successful it will mean a new life for Karen and another unknown kidney patient. Julia Barthram reports.

Woman receives kidney after transplant 'swap'

A woman from Thirsk in North Yorkshire is finally receiving a kidney transplant after a donor offered their organ on the condition someone she knows give one in return.

Karen Williams' husband, Jez Williams, immediately agreed to donate his kidney. The development brings to an end his wife's 12-year wait.You can find out more about organ donation here.

Transplant patient looking forward to a new life

Karen Williams will receive a new lease of life on Monday when she undergoes a kidney transplant. For 12 years she has been on dialysis, waiting for a suitable donor. Now an unknown donor has stepped forward to donate their kidney. Her husband will also donate a kidney to a stranger in return.

The couple and their two daughters say their thoughts and thanks go out to the unknown donor who is giving Karen a new chance of life.

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