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Fund for Alan Barnes more than £100k

Katie Cutler set up to web page to try to help Alan Barnes by raising £500 Credit: gofundme

The total money raised for Alan Barnes has reached more than £100 thousand.

The fund raising web page was set up after the disabled pensioner was attacked outside his Gateshead home.

More than eight thousand donations have been made via the appeal which was started by local beautician Katie Cutler.

The 21-year-old does not know Mr Barnes but was so moved by the his story that she decided to try to raise £500 to help him.

That target was met within hours and the money continues to pour in.


Fund for Alan Barnes breaks £80 thousand

The fund raising site set up after a disabled pensioner was attacked outside his Gateshead home has raised more than £87 thousand.

67 year old Alan Barnes, who is visually impaired, was pushed to the ground by an man demanding money, suffering a broken collarbone.

The would-be robber checked his pockets but ran off when Mr Barnes screamed for help.

The web page was set up by 21-year-old beautician Katie Cutler. She is due to meet with Mr Barnes tomorrow (Sunday 1 February).

Mr Barnes says he will always remember the generosity.


Weather: ICE warning

Credit: Met Office

Icy stretches are likely to form on untreated surfaces on Friday evening, overnight and into Saturday morning.

In addition, further accumulation of snow are likely on high ground, especially across the northern half of the yellow area.

The public should be aware of the risk of difficult driving conditions.

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