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Why does the North East want Scotland to stay?

I think two things are bubbling beneath this poll. First, a sense that Scotland is our closest friend, and second, that it could become our worst enemy.

As a friend, the North East does plenty of trade across the border with Scotland. But would an independent Scotland turn on its neighbours, slashing taxes to compete for business?

I heard some of that concern on the streets today as South Tyneside Council raised the Saltire this morning. People there clung to 'No' signs to show that while they don't have a voice, they do have a view. And that view was largely that Scotland and the North East are better together.

But interestingly, our poll doesn't suggest that support for the union is that much higher in the North East than elsewhere in England, at least not when compared to other recent polls. I think there may be two things at play here too.

One is the promise from Alex Salmond that the North East could actually benefit from Scottish independence. That together, they could build an economic powerhouse to rival the south, linking the great cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

The other, is his vision for what some believe would be a more 'socialist' Scotland. In the North East, the majority of people vote Labour. And not just Labour, but Old Labour. There are some who quite fancy the idea of Scotland embarking on a left-wing adventure right on our doorstep.

But unlike the polls in Scotland, here there is a clear majority. And for now, that majority is firmly in favour of the union.

- Paul Brand, ITV Political Correspondent

Exclusive poll for ITV News Tyne Tees: Scotland should stay

In an exclusive poll ahead of the Scottish independence referendum, ITV News Tyne Tees can reveal that two thirds of residents in the North East of England say they do not want Scotland to become an independent country.

Half say that if it did happen, it would have a negative impact on the region.

The full results of the poll are to follow.

The poll was conducted by ComRes, who interviewed 510 adults living in the ITV News Tyne Tees region online between 4th and 11th September 2014.

Data was weighted to be representative of all adults in the region.

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