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Guy Opperman MP: "I'm very sad - Cameron is a friend of mine"

Guy Opperman talking to voters Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Guy Opperman MP has spoken to ITV Tyne Tees saying he's 'sad' about the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Opperman is the member of parliament for Hexham in Northumberland,

"Well I'm very sad, he's a friend of mine and I think he's been a brilliant Prime Minister. He's utterly decent to the end and I think it's very good that he's continuing to work for the country on an ongoing basis so that we can start the renegotiation that needs to take place."

– Guy Opperman MP


Celebrating cycling: a North East MP joins the push for bikes

How and why should we encourage more people to get on their bikes? That was the subject of a debate in parliament this week.

The MP Dr Sarah Wollaston told colleagues that taking up cycling in middle age would increase a person's fitness level; effectively making them ten years younger.

The Hexham MP Guy Opperman wants to make it easier for people to cycle in Northumberland. He talked to Helen Ford in the September edition of Around The House.