Hadrian's Wall Trust to close

The organisation responsible for safeguarding Hadrian's wall is to close in the next six months.

Hadrian's Wall beacons lit

Sixty beacons were lit along Hadrian's Wall last night to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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Rare Roman coin to go on display in Northumberland

It is anticipated that this rare coin will be put on public display at the Vindolanda museum once it has been fully researched and documented.

"You actually have more chance of winning the lottery than finding a gold coin on a Roman military site so this is a special and very likely one-off find."

– Dr Andrew Birley, Director of Excavations, Vindolanda Trust

Rare gold coin unearthed at Hadrian Wall attraction

The coin, dated AD64-65, bears the image of Emperor Nero. Credit: Vindolanda Trust

A rare Roman gold coin has been dug up by archaeologists at the Vindolanda Roman fort site along Hadrian's Wall, in Northumberland.

The well worn coin bears the image of Emperor Nero which dates it to AD 64-65.

The coin would have been worth over half a years’ salary for a serving Roman soldier.

Archaological digs have been taking place at the site for 43 years, but this is the first time a gold coin has been found.

It was uncovered by volunteer Marcel Albert, from Nantes, France, who has been taking part at the Vindolanda dig since 2008,

Marcel Albert (right) with Deputy Director of Excavations Justin Blake. Credit: Vindolanda Trust

M. Albert: "I thought it can’t be true, it was just sitting there as I scrapped back the soil, shining, as if someone had just dropped it".


Virtual Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site. Credit: Rick Wall

History enthusiasts across the world can now complete a free online course about Hadrian's Wall.

Newcastle University is running a six week course which offers an introduction to life in the region before the construction of the Wall and the Roman army.

Enrolment is open now and the course starts in September.


Hadrian's Wall walker gets royal birthday message

A 95 year old lady who is walking Hadrian's wall for charity has been given a surprise royal boost as she passed the halfway mark.

Doris Hancock, from Ambleside, is raising money for Centrepoint, a charity which helps young homelss people. Prince William is a patron and he sent Doris a surprise message to both express his gratitute to her and wish her an early Happy Birthday.

Hadrian's Wall to mark Olympics

Hadrian's Wall will be illuminated by hundreds of coloured balloons to mark the Olympics. The artwork will trace the route of the wall from Tyneside to the Solway.

The balloons will be lit by LED lights which will change colour. The event will take place between 31st August and 1st September. People will be able to follow events on a dedicated website. Those behind it say there's much to get excited about.

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