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The family of a little girl with an incurable disease is trying to raise money for research

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Exercise scheme for MS Parkinson's and stroke sufferers

A new supervised exercise course is being launched to help people in Hartlepool who are dealing with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or a stroke.

The course is part of Hartlepool Council’s Exercise for Life programme.

It is designed to help people with these conditions increase their mobility, strength and overall physical health.

The taster session will be on Thursday June 5 at Brierton Sports Centre from 12-1pm.

Around The House: the new world of private pensions

Anyone planning for retirement - or just about to retire - will still be taking in the monumental changes to private pensions announced in the Budget.

Teesside Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop and North Yorkshire Conservative Anne McIntosh joined Helen Ford to discuss the reforms, on this month's political programme from Westminster:

The next edition of Around The House is on Thursday 15th May.


Around The House: treatment decisions for the NHS

The new head of the NHS began his task with a visit to our region this week.

Our political programme Around The House looked at one of the most sensitive subjects facing the health service: how to decide on the prescribing of treatments, while ensuring the best use of resources.

Helen Ford and a panel of MPs discussed the proposed guidelines, which have just gone out to consultation:

The next edition of Around The House is on Thursday 15th May.

Around The House: Tonight at 11:40pm

Topical debate from Westminster with the region's MPs Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

On this week's Around The House, we debate the Chancellor's promise to work towards full employment. Helen Ford is joined by the Stockton South Conservative MP James Wharton, the Berwick Liberal Democrat Sir Alan Beith and the Labour MP for the City of Durham, Roberta Blackman-Woods.

We also explore the implications of radical changes to pensions. Are the consequences of the Coalition's reform plans any clearer?

Join Helen and her guests tonight at 11:40pm

Pensions: How will the Budget changes affect us?

Experts are still poring over the radical reforms to private pensions, announced in the Budget.

Ending the legal requirement to buy an annuity - which provides a guaranteed income for life - is a landmark change, allowing individuals to use their pension pot as they wish.

On tonight's Around The House, Helen Ford talks to Teesside Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop and North Yorkshire Conservative Anne McIntosh, and asks how people will be encouraged to manage their retirement income:

You can see the full interview on Around The House tonight, Thursday 3 April, at 11.40pm on ITV.


Around The House: Tonight at 11.40pm

ATH titles
Around The House at 11.40pm on ITV Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The Chancellor's ambition for full employment - and what it means for our region - is discussed by tonight's panel of MPs from Westminster.

Helen Ford is joined by Roberta Blackman-Woods, Sir Alan Beith and James Wharton. They also consider the proposed new guidelines for prescribing treatments on the NHS, in the light of criticism of age discrimination in cancer care.

Also in the programme, the upside - and the downside - of the radical reforms to private pensions. North Yorkshire Conservative MP Anne McIntosh and Teesside Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop consider the consequences of the landmark changes announced in the Budget.

Around The House is at 11.40pm tonight (Thursday 3 April) on ITV.

MPs react to new database to share medical records

On this week's Around The House, we debate a new scheme to share medical records kept by GP surgeries.

The information will be collected in a huge database and could eventually be shared with researchers and drug companies.

The NHS says data will be coded to protect confidentiality. Opponents say that cannot be guaranteed.

The North East MPs Iain Wright and Ian Swales joined the Carlisle member John Stevenson to consider the issues:

Around The House: women in politics

How can all parties encourage more women into politics? Almost a hundred years since the first women were elected to the House of Commons, they still make up less than a quarter of the total number of MPs.

This week the Prime Minister was accused by the Labour leader of 'failing women', by not promoting more to senior roles in government.

The Sunderland Central MP Labour Julie Elliott has been debating the issue of women in politics at an event in Newcastle.

She discussed those challenges with Helen Ford, for this month's edition of Around The House:

The state of state education

The Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to reduce the gulf between schools in the state and private sectors.

In a speech this week, he called on state schools to model themselves on independent lines.

The Hartlepool MP Iain Wright, Redcar's Ian Swales and Carlisle member John Stevenson debated the issue for this week's Around The House.

The conversation began with a reminder of what Mr Gove had said:

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