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Dog lover pleads guilty to death threat

A man has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a man after an argument over his pet.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Arron Morgan believed David Gray posed some sort of threat to his pet and warned him he would kill him after a row last summer.

Mr Morgan broke into Mr Gray's home in Hendon and turned on the gas hoping Mr Gray would light a cigarette and blow himself up.

The court heard how Arron Morgan realised he was risking someone's life and raised the alarm before any actual damage was done.

"You went to his house, turned on the gas assuming there would be an explosion when he came back and lit a cigarette.

"Fortunately for you and for everyone else, you realised what a stupid thing it was you had done and the threat never materialised otherwise it would have been very, very serious indeed."

"What you did, as you know, was wrong."

"You were angry and I understand you were angry but it does not entitle you to behave as you did."You uttered a very serious threat about what you intended to do, making a threat to kill, then went to David Gray's house."

– Judge James Goss QC

"He has health problems including brain damage and autism and has as history of issues and is very close to his dog."

"It was a perceived wrong in relation to his dog and he allowed his feelings to get out of control."

"His anxiety is what is going to happen to his dog today if he went into custody."

– Robin Patton who defended Arron Morgan

Mr Morgan pleaded guilty to making a threat to kill and burglary.

Judge James Goss QC sentenced Arron Morgan to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision and a three-month night time curfew.

Police investigate Sunderland rape

Police are investigating after a woman was raped in Sunderland. A 25-year-old left the Ling Sun takeaway on Vine Street, Hendon, at 2.30am. She found herself on Prospect Row some time later, she was distressed and knocked on someone's door for help.

Police want to speak to anyone with any information.