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University hopes to bury Richard III with 'honour in Leicester'

Ahead of the Richard III review, the University of Leicester has released a statement saying they 'look forward to the Judicial Review and a final outcome to the case brought by the Plantagenet Alliance Limited'.

The university found the remains during an archaeological dig. They want to bury the remains in Leicester.

"We continue to work in partnership with Leicester Cathedral and Leicester City Council for a reinterment of King Richard III with dignity and honour in Leicester."

– University of Leicester

They say there would be no discovery of him at all if it weren't for their work and that he should stay there. Distant relatives would like the remains buried in York.

Ministry of Justice 'disappointed' in Richard III row

Richard III campaigners will march through York to raise awareness of plans to bury his remains in Leicester. It comes before the Judicial Review on the 13 and 14 March. King Richard's 16th great-niece, spokesperson for the Plantagenet Alliance, is leading the campaign to return his remains to York.

The Ministry of Justice commented to express disappointment with the permission to challenge them.

"The exhumation licence was granted by the Ministry of Justice following due process. We are disappointed that permission was granted to the Plantagenet Alliance Limited to challenge the licence. We are defending our position at the judicial review hearing."

– The Ministry of Justice


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