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Future of Berwick's maternity services up for discussion

A meeting to discuss the future of Berwick Hospital's maternity services has been held today.

The hospital's maternity services were suspended in August of last year due to a lack of people using the service and concerns over safety.

The trust has since put forward two options for the future of Berwick's maternity services - either to re-open the unit as it is but with more midwives so they can rotate and get more experience, or to have a 24 hour on-call service so they can give birth at home or in a special birthing room


Bubble Unit gets new equipment

The Bubble Unit at Newcastle's RVI has received a new machine Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The Bubble Unit at Newcastle's RVI has received a new machine meaning some young patients no longer have to travel to Yorkshire for treatment.

The new equipment was funded through charitable donations and treats children with weak immune systems.

Reaction from Health Trust managers

I know a lot of people have been waiting for the moment when we can take another important step on the way to the new hospital. Of course we do know that the financial environment is very difficult and we are mindful of that.

The review has reminded us that the situation is extremely challenging. However we have a proven track record of high performance, high quality and financial control and we have every intention of continuing performing in this way in the years to come. We do this cautiously but optimistically."

– Paul Garvin, Trust Chairman

It is significant to reach yet another important milestone in the programme. People are living longer, often with a number of chronic health conditions.

Transforming services by encouraging people to take up opportunities for screening, intervening early when people are starting to have health problems rather than waiting until people are so ill that they need to come into hospital, improving pre and post operative care so that people do not have to stay in hospital for long periods; these are all things which will lead to the type of healthcare we will need for future generations."

– Alan Foster, Chief Executive
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