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ITV Business Club previews the 2013 Budget announcement

George Osborne will deliver the Budget tomorrow and is expected to announce further spending cuts.

The Chancellor wants to use the savings to pay for big projects like new roads and houses, which is welcome news for companies in the North East, who are desperate to create jobs.

Our Business Correspondent Ben Chapman has been speaking to members of our Business Club ahead of the Budget announcement.

They believe that it is time for the Chancellor to spend some money.

You can watch his full report below.

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ITV Border Business Club Review

Over the past year we've been following the fortunes of businesses who are trying to succeed, despite the economic climate.

This year the economy went back into recession but unemployment across the region fell.

Hannah McNulty has been speaking to the men and women who employ hundreds between them and make their living from our landscape - through tourism and farming:


Private companies welcome Chancellor's statement

The Chancellor, George Osborne, said he wanted to support people who are working and businesses to take more people on.

While he continues to squeeze the public sector, his Autumn Statement sounded more like a Christmas list for private companies.

He announced a number of tax cuts and schemes, which he hopes will create jobs.

Our Business Correspondent, Ben Chapman, watched the speech with members of the ITV Business Club and got their reaction.

Watch the full report here: