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More than 1,000 people have signed an official petition to have Richard of York's remains brought back to Yorkshire.

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Scientists to sequence Richard III's genomes

A model reconstruction of the face of King Richard III Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Scientists have announced plans to sequence the genomes of King Richard III to try and discover more about the 15th Century monarch, including what he actually looked like.

King Richard III was killed in battle during the War of the Roses in 1485 and his remains were only found in 2012 amid the ruins of an old friary beneath a car park in Leicester. Although some portraits of Richard exist, they were painted more than 50 years after his death.

Experts now hope to find out key information about the king including his hair colour, eye colour and even the shade of his skin using "all three billion letters of his genome". The tests could also help to establish details about Richard's health.

Richard will be the world's first known figure from ancient history to have his genomes sequenced.


Richard III judicial review

Relatives of Richard III continue their fight Credit: Calendar news

The campaign to have Richard III’s remains reburied in York reaches a crucial stage next Tuesday when a full judicial review hearing takes place at London’s High Court. Two judges will review decisions authorising the exhuming and reinterring of the monarch’s remains in Leicester.

Specifically, the hearing will examine the granting of a “section 25 licence” to the University of Leicester. This authorised the institution to remove the king’s remains from beneath a council car park in the city during the autumn of 2012 and reinter them.

The university subsequently announced it intended the reburial would take place in Leicester Cathedral.

A group of the king’s collateral descendants, known as Plantagenet Alliance Limited, which wants his final resting place to be York, has brought Tuesday’s case in an effort to have the “section 25 licence” quashed.



Screenwriter wants Richard Armitage as Richard III in film

Screenwriter and author, Philippa Langley, has confirmed she is involved with talks over a potential Hollywood film about King Richard III, and she wants Leicestershire actor Richard Armitage to play the leading role.

Speaking at the launch of her new book on the last Plantagenet King, she picks out the Spooks and Hobbit star as her choice to play Richard III, but does not know if it he wants to take on the part.


Richard III book launched in Leicester

The book is launched today Credit: ITV News Central

A new book is being published today about how the body of Richard III was discovered under a council car park in Leicester.

It is being published by two of the people who led the hunt to find the monarch who was killed in battle more than 500 years ago.

A signing took place today to mark the launch Credit: ITV News Central

Philippa Langley, from the Richard III Society and historian, Michael Jones, held a book signing to mark the launch of 'The King's Grave: The Search for Richard III'.

The pair were both key figures in the discovery of the last Plantagenet King.

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Council leader pleased with online petition progress

The leader of Leicestershire County Council is pleased that the Leicester online petition to keep King Richard III in the city has overtaken the petition of York.

This is brilliant news that the Leicester e-petition has now overtaken the York figure and there are still six days left to support the petition.

It is always been my belief that Richard died at Bosworth and was then brought to Leicester to be buried so this is where he should stay. The tremendous response to the petition suggests that a lot of people feel the same way.

– Nick Rushton, leader of Leicestershire County Council

Leicester petition on Richard III overtakes York

An online petition to keep Richard III's remains in Leicester has overtaken its opposition online petition to have the last Plantagenet King re-interred in York.

Richard III in his current state, and how he looked before he died Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive

The number of signatories to have signed in favour of burying the King in a tomb at Leicester Cathedral is now 31,639, compared to York's total of 31,337. Leicester's petition is still open, however York's closed last month.

Signatories of the York petition want the remains of Richard III to be buried in York Minster, in order to place him geographically closer to the remains of his son, Edward the Prince of Wales, whose remains lie in Sherriff Hutton church.

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Plans for tomb where Richard III will be laid to rest released, full report

Leicester Cathedral has released details of the design of the tomb where it's hoped Richard III will be laid rest. It's a year since his remains were dug up and made headlines around the world.

However, a judicial review into a decision to bury his remains in Leicester could threaten those plans. The King's ancestors want him returned to York.

Rajiv Popat has spent the day at the Cathedral and has all the details.


First look at images of King Richard III's tomb

The first images of what King Richard III's tomb will look like at Leicester Cathedral have been unveiled.

The is what the tomb will look like at Leicester Cathedral Credit: Van Heyningen and Harward

Examples of the stone which will be used to build the tomb were shown to the media today.

A computer animated image of the tomb Credit: Van Heyningen and Harward

Plans for the designs of the new cathedral gardens were also on display.

This image shows visitors at the cathedral looking at the tomb Credit: Van Heyningen and Harward

King Richard III's remains were unearthed in a council car park in Leicester earlier this year.

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King Richard III's tomb plans to be unveiled today

A poster of King Richard III next to a screen image at press conference at the University of Leicester Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive

Plans for how King Richard III's tomb will look at Leicester Cathedral will be unveiled later, after his remains were found under a car park in the city earlier this year.

Examples of the stone which will be used will be shown and there will be a chance to view designs for the new Cathedral gardens.

Relatives of King Richard III win right to bring High Court proceedings

The body of King Richard III was found under a car park in Leicester last year. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Relatives of King Richard III have won the right to bring High Court proceedings to challenge plans for his reburial.

The body of the last king of the house of York was found under a car park in Leicester last year.

The Plantagenet Alliance has now been given permission by a high court judge to hold a judicial review of plans for him to be buried in Leicester.

The group says the king would have wanted to be buried in York.

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