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Demand for ice cream trebles because of hot weather

Ice cream manufacturer R&R, based in Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire, has seen a 300% increase in demand since the start of the warm weather.

"The growth has been noted across all channels, including retail, impulse and leisure sectors, and we’ve been able to meet the increased demand by ramping up production, following major investment in our facilities across the UK, and by adopting a seasonal approach to manufacturing, ensuring that our customers have been able to capitalise on the immediate demand for bestsellers such as Fab and Rowntrees Fruit Pastille Lollies.’

– Spokesman, R%R
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Breaking: Fears of carcinogen in Horse meat

A drug with the potential to cause cancer in humans might have entered the food chain through horse meat slaughtered in UK abattoirs, Labour has claimed.

Shadow environment secretary and Wakefield MP Mary Creagh told the Commons she had evidence that "several" horses slaughtered in the UK last year tested positive for the carcinogen phenylbutazone.

It's after a Dalepak factory in North Yorkshire was implicated in the horse meat in beefburgers scandal last week. Bosses at the ABP foods plant in Leeming bar insisted only a trace amount was found in their products.

Coin collection to extend rail tracks

Volunteers at a North Yorkshire railway are trying to collect 40 miles of coins to pay for an extension to the track.

The Wensleydale Railway, which runs between Leeming Bar and Redmire, re-opened nine years ago.

There are now plans to refurbish the track from Leeming Bar to Northallerton. The county town was once the end of the line. It will cost up to £40 thousand to do the work and the group has raised around half of that so far.

Members of the Wensleydale Railway Association are hoping they will collect enough coins to extend the service in time for its tenth anniversary next summer.