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Durham Cathedral Lego project turns one

80,000 bricks have been built in the replica so far

A charity project to build a replica of Durham Cathedral from Lego is celebrating its first birthday.

The model consists of 80,000 bricks so far, but is less than a quarter complete.

As part of the celebrations, the North East Autism Society is helping cathedral volunteers to build the Lego high altar.

Donors have to pay £1 to lay a brick, with the money raised being used to improve access to the real cathedral.

Durham Cathedral Lego project celebrates its first birthday


Lego city helps planners

A new Lego city is being built at the Great North Museum in Newcastle using more than 100,000 plastic bricks. Over the next month members of the public will be able to add buildings to the city. The project will help planners know what people want their ideal cities to look like.


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