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Around The House: Teesside MP defends EU Referendum Bill

Stockton South MP James Wharton says critics of his EU Referendum Bill are wrong to claim that he should have used the chance of a Private Member's Bill to back a local issue.

The EU Referendum Bill would set a timeline for a vote on whether Britain should stay in the European Union.

Speaking on Around The House, the Conservative MP said he was surprised to have come first in the ballot to be allowed to put forward a Bill of his choice, but insisted that a local issue would never get through Parliament.

Watch the interview here:

Around The House: Union leader calls for Living Wage

The new Regional Secretary of the Trades Union Congress in the North has said her priority is to secure the Living Wage - £7.45 per hour, compared with the current Minimum Wage of £6.19 per hour - for workers at as many companies as possible.

Beth Farhat discussed the challenges of her role as the new face of the Northern TUC with Helen Ford, on our political programme Around The House.

You can watch the full interview here:


Political discussion from Westminster: Tonight at 11.35pm

Helen Ford presents Around The House from Westminster Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

On tonight's political programme Around The House, Helen Ford discusses the row over party funding and the political significance of the Lindisfarne Gospels with a panel of guests, including Durham Labour MP Roberta Blackman-Woods.

Also in the programme, Stockton Conservative James Wharton reflects on introducing the controversial EU Referendum Bill.

Helen Ford also talks to Beth Farhat about her new role as General Secretary of the Northern TUC.

Around The House is at 11.35pm tonight (Thursday 11th July) on ITV.

Around The House: Union leader warns of debt risks for low income families

On tonight's political programme, Helen Ford talks to the region's new General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress.

Beth Farhat explains that her priority is to campaign for higher wages, to improve people's health and reduce their risk of falling into debt:

You can see the full interview on Around The House tonight (Thursday 11th July) at 11.35pm.

Around The House: Tonight at 11.35pm

Around The House at 11.35pm on ITV Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Helen Ford presents our political programme from Westminster.

Among tonight's guests are the new Regional Secretary of the Northern TUC, Beth Farhat and Stockton Conservative MP James Wharton, who discusses the controversial EU Referendum Bill that has thrust him into the political spotlight.

Also in the programme, a panel including Durham Labour MP Roberta Blackman-Woods considers the current row over party funding and whether an icon of early Christianity - the Lindisfarne Gospels - has also become a political symbol.

Around The House is at 11.35pm tonight (Thursday 11th July) on ITV.


Street artists working on 'Graffiti Gospels' project

Four street artists from Gateshead are working on a 'Graffiti Gospels' project to celebrate the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the region.

Based at St Edmund's Chapel, the four artists will work for two hours each day as artists-in-resident - working directly onto the gallery wall on artwork inspired by the four gospels.

The public will be able to see the art taking shape over the month of July, as well as when it goes on display as a finished piece in August.

The artists will also be running street art workshops with children from the region's primary schools and giving them lessons in street art calligraphy.

Celebrations as Durham Cathedral train unveiled

The train has been named after the iconic landmark Credit: Richard Salkeld
The train is celebrating the return of the Gospels to the region Credit: Richard Salkeld
People gather for this morning's unveiling Credit: Richard Salkeld
A choir from the Durham Choristers School gives a special performance Credit: Richard Salkeld
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