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FCO 'closely following developments in Indonesia'

"We are closely following Lindsay Sandiford’s case in Indonesia. We stand ready to provide consular assistance to Ms Sandiford and her family at this difficult time, if it is requested."

"It is the long-standing policy of the UK to oppose the use of the death penalty in all circumstances. We believe it undermines human dignity, there is no conclusive evidence of its deterrent value, and any miscarriage of justice leading to its imposition is irreversible and irreparable.

"We are closely following the developments in Indonesia. We have repeatedly made representations to the Indonesian government on this matter and we will continue to do so. We cannot comment in detail on individual cases."

– Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson


Drugs smuggler 'weeks from death by firing squad'

A British woman convicted of smuggling drugs onto the Indonesian island of Bali may only be weeks away from facing the firing squad, according to reports.

Lindsay Sandiford, 58, was convicted in December 2012 Credit: PA

Lindsay Sandiford, who is originally from Redcar, was given a death sentence after she was found smuggling cocaine worth £1.6m from Thailand.

A Sunday newspaper quotes her sister, Hilary Parsons, who said Sandiford is due to sign an official warrant formally confirming her death sentence tomorrow (Monday, 26th January). It could mean her death is imminent.

Indonesia's new President, Joko Widodo, is known to have a firm stance on foreign drug smugglers. In the last week, five other foreigners and an Indonesian national have been executed by firing squad.

Boris Johnson meets the Indonesian President Joko Widodo in November 2014 Credit: PA

Sandiford loses death row funding battle

Lindsay Sandiford at a court hearing in Indonesia Credit: PA

A Teesside grandmother on death row in Indonesia has lost her appeal over over funding for legal representation.

Lindsay Sandiford, originally from Redcar, was last year convicted of drug trafficking on the resort island of Bali and sentenced to death by firing squad.

Her QC Aidan O'Neill said previously that Sandiford had been able to fund her legal fight against the death sentence through the "kindness of strangers", but had "no access to any further private funding".

Sandiford took her plight to the Court of Appeal in April last year but three leading judges ruled that the UK Government's policy to not provide funding for legal representation for Britons facing capital charges abroad was not unlawful.

The case was then referred to the Supreme Court in London today but five justices unanimously dismissed Ms Sandiford's challenge. However, the court highlighted that she remains in "jeopardy".

'Reserved judgement' in Sandiford Bali death penalty appeal

The Supreme Court has reserved judgement in a challenge over funding for legal representation for a Redcar woman on death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

Lindsay Sandiford, 57, was convicted of trafficking drugs into the resort island of Bali last year. She has appealed to the UK's highest court against a Government policy to not provide funding for legal representation to Britons facing capital charges abroad.

Ms Sandiford's QC Aidan O'Neill told five Supreme Court justices in London that she is "effectively without legal representation" in her case and has "no access to any further private funding".


Lindsay Sandiford loses second appeal

A woman from Teesside appears to have lost her second, and possibly final, appeal against a death sentence in Indonesia.

Lindsay Sandiford faces a firing squad after being convicted of drug smuggling in January.

The 57-year-old from Redcar had been arrested at Bali Airport after drugs were found in her luggage.

Lindsay Sandiford is facing the death penalty in Indonesia Credit: ITV News

The Foreign Office has told ITV News that they are checking reports that her final appeal has been rejected,

If this is the case, her last hope would be a presidential reprieve.

Full Report: Woman speaks of Bali drugs ordeal

Teesside Grandmother Lindsay Sandiford remains in a notorious jail in Bali as she faces the death penalty on cocaine charges.

The British woman she claims to have been working for has given her first television interview today after being released from prison there.

39-year-old Rachel Dougall is now back in the UK and insists she has no involvement in the drugs trade.

She says she was beaten up by other prisoners though, because they blame Dougall, and think Sandiford is being treated unfairly.

Gregg Easteal has the full report below.

Lindsay Sandiford launches appeal

Lindsay Sandiford is on death row in Bali Credit: PA

A Redcar woman facing the death penalty for drug smuggling in Bali has lodged an appeal at Indonesia's Supreme Court, human rights campaigners said.

56 year old Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death by firing squad by a court in Indonesia for bringing £1.6m of cocaine into the country.

Lindsay Sandiford at an earlier court hearing in Bali Credit: PA

She lost her first appeal against the ruling at the Bali High Court in April but has now launched a second bid to overturn the death penalty at the higher court, pressure group Reprieve said.

Balinese police claim Sandiford was at the centre of a drugs-importing ring involving three other Britons.

Lindsay Sandiford in court in Bali Credit: PA

She denies the allegations, claiming she was forced to transport the drugs to protect her children, whose safety was at stake.

Lindsay Sandiford's latest move comes after she lost her appeal over a UK Government refusal to fund her legal challenge.

But she has accrued more than £10,000 from public donations through a fundraising web page.

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