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Government supports appeal of Teesside woman on death row

The British Government has supported a Redcar woman's appeal against the death penalty in Indonesia.

Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced last month, after being found guilty of smuggling cocaine into the resort of Bali. She submitted her appeal on 11th February.

That has now been backed by a document from the British Consulate in Bali, stressing that the UK opposes the death penalty in all circumstances.

“The British Consulate in Bali accompanied by Lindsay Sandiford’s lawyer submitted on behalf of Her Majesty's Government an amicus brief to the Denpasar High Court. The amicus brief forms part of Lindsay Sandiford’s appeal against her death penalty sentence. It continues to be the long standing policy of the United Kingdom to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances and we will do all we can assist British Nationals facing the death penalty. “

– Spokesman for Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office says it's taking 'extremely seriously' claims that Lindsay Sandiford has suffered mistreatment by the authorities in Indonesia.

It has raised the allegations with the Indonesian government.

“We take allegations of mistreatment extremely seriously and if any British national alleges mistreatment, we will, with their permission, raise it with the appropriate authorities. We have raised allegations of mistreatment related to the case of Lindsay Sandiford with the Indonesian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.”

– Spokesman for Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Full Report: Lindsay Sandiford appeal

A grandmother from Redcar who is facing a firing squad in Indonesia has submitted an appeal against her sentence.

Lindsay Sandiford was found guilty last month of smuggling cocaine into the resort island of Bali.

Her new lawyer says that the death penalty was unfair because judges did not take her co-operation with the authorities into account.

Watch the full report from Ben Chapman below.


"Lindsay's acknowledged that she did her crime, but the punishment is not fair and not proportionate"

A woman from Redcar facing a firing squad in Indonesia has lodged an appeal against her death sentence.

Lindsay Sandiford was convicted last month of smuggling nearly five kilos of cocaine onto the island of Bali.

Judges refused to consider that she had helped the police to catch other members of the drugs gang when deciding her sentence.

Her new lawyer, who handed appeal papers to the court today, says that wasn't a fair decision.

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Sandiford lawyer criticises 'fundamentally flawed' decision

The lawyer representing Lindsay Sandiford has said that she will be "devastated" by today's High Court loss against the government's refusal to fund her appeal against her death sentence.

Richard Stein from Leigh Day said:

Mrs Sandiford and her sister, both out in Bali, will be devastated by this decision. Whilst we have a judgment, we do not have the reasons for it.

We await these before being able to formulate an appeal to what we believe is a fundamentally flawed decision.

– Richard Stein, Leigh Day

Full Report: Latest on Lindsay Sandiford

Supporters of a woman from Redcar who has been to sentenced to death in Indonesia have failed in their bid to get the Government to fund her appeal.

Lindsay Sandiford was found guilty of smuggling cocaine into Bali, but her family have no money for a lawyer to appeal her death sentence.

Bob Constantine reported from the High Court earlier.

You can watch his full report below.


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Sandiford's lawyers can still ask Court of Appeal to intervene

Lindsay Sandiford's lawyers still have the option open to ask the Court of Appeal to intervene in her case.

Aidan O'Neill QC told the court a competent lawyer had been found who was willing to waive fees and act pro bono, but required "operational costs", estimated at £2,500, to be met.

Dismissing Sandiford's case, Mrs Justice Gloster said: "We entirely understand the deep concerns of Mrs Sandiford and her family about Mrs Sandiford's predicament in Indonesia, but we must apply the law as we hold it to be."

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Lawyer willing to act pro bono for Lindsay Sandiford

During a hearing at London's High Court, Aidan O'Neill QC said that a competent lawyer has been found in Indonesia for Lindsay Sandiford who has been sentenced to death for drug smuggling,

Mr O'Neill said that the lawyer is willing to waive fees and act pro bono, but requires "operational costs" estimated at £2,500 to be met.

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QC: Lindsay Sandiford's 'fundamental rights' breached

The Government has been accused of breaching the "fundamental rights" of a British woman sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug smuggling by refusing to pay for legal representation.

Two judges at London's High Court are being asked to rule that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's failure to arrange "an adequate lawyer" for Lindsay Sandiford is unlawful.

Lindsay Sandiford has been sentenced to death in Bali for drug smuggling. Credit: Reuters

Aidan O'Neill QC said Sandiford was urgently in need of funding because she is currently without legal assistance and her family have exhausted all of their available resources.

Mr O'Neill said there was "no prospect" that competent counsel would be appointed to represent Sandiford on appeal without the Government providing some funding.

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