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East Coast plans 'dry trains' for Arsenal v Middlesbrough

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East Coast will implement 'dry trains' for the Arsenal v Middlesbrough game this weekend.

There will be an alcohol free policy for the FA Cup 5th Round match at the Emirates Stadium in London on February 15.

The dry train status will apply to all services departing London Kings Cross which call at Newcastle from 18:30 and 22:00 and will apply between Kings Cross and Newcastle only.

The following East Coast services will be 'dry trains' Departure Arrival:

  • 1N30 18:30 KGX 21:43 NCL
  • 1S31 19:00 KGX 21:50 NCL (23:33 EDB)
  • 1N32 19:30 KGX 23:08 NCL
  • 1N33 20:00 KGX 23:27 NCL
  • 1N34 21:00 KGX 00:38 NCL
  • 1N35 22:00 KGX 02:10 NCL
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Report into death of Great North Air Ambulance pilot

Peter Barnes died when his helicopter crashed into a crane Credit: ITV Meridian

A report is due to be published into a helicopter crash in London which claimed the life of a former pilot with the Great North Air Ambulance.

Peter Barnes, who worked for years on the Great North Air Ambulance, died from multiple injuries when the aircraft he was flying clipped a high-rise crane on The Tower at St George Wharf in Vauxhall.

Leaked copies of the Civil Aviation Authority report suggests that the pilot may have been unaware of the existence of large cranes in the area as he flew at low altitude in foggy conditions.

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Northumbria University expands to London

Northumbria University in Newcastle has announced the launch of a London campus.

From September, the London campus will offer industry-based programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate level. Northumbria is 8th among English universities for the percentage of graduates placed in professional employment, and in the top 4 in the UK for graduate start-ups.

“Our new campus means we can offer our students the opportunity to study in two of the UK’s top cities for students, Newcastle and London. Its location in the centre of a global city will appeal to our growing international community and to home-based students, whose educational experience will be bolstered by the rich and diverse industry links that the capital offers.”

– Professor Andrew Wathey, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Northumbria University

The new campus is in London’s financial district.

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Government will be 'banning smoking in home next'

A representative from a smokers' group has said the law should not be used to "stigmatise smokers as potentially unfit parents" after MPs approved plans to ban smoking in cars carrying children.

Simon Clark, director of the smokers' group Forest, said he was "disappointed but not surprised" by the result and warned that the Government will ban smoking in the home next:

Legislation will have very little impact because so few adults still smoke in cars carrying children. Those that do will carry on because it will be very difficult to enforce.

The overwhelming majority of adult smokers know how to behave towards children and the law should reflect that.

It shouldn't be used to stigmatise them as potentially unfit parents who can't be trusted to do the right thing without state intervention.

If you believed everything you heard in the House about the threat to children's health it's a miracle anyone who was a child in the fifties and sixties, when a large majority of adults smoked, is still alive.

Government has banned smoking in public places. Now they're going to ban it in a private place. The home will be next.

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Labour: Smoking ban a great victory for child health

Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger has welcomed the result of a vote to ban smoking in cars with children as a "great victory for child health", but warned ministers not to "kick this into into the long grass".

"This is a great victory for child health which will benefit hundreds of thousands of young people across our country. It is a matter of child protection, not adult choice," the MP said.

Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger has welcomed the result of a vote to ban smoking in cars with children. Credit: PA Wire

"A time-limited consultation may be necessary on the practical details of implementation, but we will be watching closely to ensure the Government don't try and kick this into the long grass."

Some MPs have questioned how the plans will be enforced with some criticising the plans as a "nanny state" ban.


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MPs question how smoking car ban will be enforced

MPs have raised questions as to how the ban on smoking in cars carrying children will be enforced, with some criticising the plans as a "nanny state" ban.

The Health Secretary will be given the power to impose a ban despite the opposition.

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MPs hail 'massive victory' after smoking plans approved

MPs have hailed plans to ban smoking in cars carrying children after it was overwhelmingly voted through in the Commons.

Despite opposition from some Conservative MPs, including Cabinet members, MPs approved the ban by 376 votes to 107.

Newcastle cocktail wins national competition

John Collingwood, Ben Craighead, Kieron Hall, Johny Hume and Gavin Wraith Credit: John Collingwood

Five North East bartenders have been crowned winners of the Brugal Royal Rumble, the largest rum event in the UK. The team dressed as Geordie miners to celebrate their heritage and beat off competition from across the country.

Newcastle mixologist John Collingwood said, “Newcastle is going through a cocktail renaissance at present with a pool of very talented bartenders driving the agenda forward. This is just the beginning.”

John Collingwood, Ben Craighead, Kieron Hall, Johny Hume and Gavin Wraith created a locally inspired cocktail named The Coal House Punch. They won at the final in London.

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Fusiliers take fight to keep Battalion to London

Members of Fusiliers Association en route to London Credit: ITV Granada, Mel Barham

Around 90 members of the Fusiliers Association are going to London in a bid to save their Battalion.

Six members will hand in a petition to Downing Street against the disbandment of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers.

The members will then march from Downing Street to Parliament.

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