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Maker Fair arrives in Newcastle

When you think about science, do you picture dull classrooms or incomprehensible formulas? That is the myth that organisers of an event on Tyneside want to bust.

The International Maker Fair has returned to Newcastle's Centre for Life with the aim of proving that science and technology can be fun.

"It is the Centre for Life's biggest weekend of the year and what we have done over the few years is brought toegther everybody who make amazing things.

"It's the greatest show and tell on earth."

– Ian Simmons, Science Communications Director

This is the fourth year the Maker Fair has come to the Centre for Life in Newcastle, and these events are becoming so popular around the world that the US President Barack Obama has sent the organisers a special message of support.

"It's a gathering of people interested in making things so what we wantis young people in particular just to come a rediscover that joy of making things and tinkering and pulling them apart and working out how the work. "

– Linda Conlon, Chief Executive

The idea is very simple, the organisers just want people to have a go and try to make something.

As Einstein said " Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. "