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The Face of Nature found in the North East

The 'Face of Nature' looks on Credit: Martin Nesbitt

The 'Face of Nature' has been spotted in the North East after a man stumbled across the face in a tree when he was walking his dog.

Martin Nesbitt was walking through Saltburn Valley Gardens when he came across the tree which appeared to be looking back at him.

Martin with 'The Face of Nature' that he found while walking his dog Credit: Martin Nesbitt

Poisonous spiders discovered on Teesside

A Black Widow which was discovered on Teesside Credit: Naturally Wild

Black Widow spiders have been recovered from a business on Teesside.

They were discovered by employees at a company which does not want to be named.

It's thought that the highly poisonous North American spiders may have travelled to the UK in a freight shipment.

They were caught by wildlife expert Jack Fenwick from Guisborough-based Naturally Wild Consultants.

Mr Fenwick said that, while the Black Widow is highly venomous, fatalities from bites are rare.