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Newcastle Council approves £32 million cut to next year's budget

Newcastle Council has voted to approve a £32m cuts package at a meeting this evening.

The announcement comes as the council faces further reductions to its central government grant. £15m will be stripped from the adult social care budget, which will result in 30 full time social workers losing their jobs.

To try and close the funding gap, councillors have also approved a rise of just under 4% to council tax. For Band D households that will mean an increase of twenty six pounds a year.


'Heat map' reveals North East bears highest cuts

A controversial map produced by Newcastle City Council shows that people in the North East are bearing much higher cuts than those in the south.

Heat map 1 - Area change in spending power Credit: Newcastle City Council

The 'heat map' reveals that many councils here have seen funding reduced by more than £225 per head, compared to an increase in southern authority areas.

Heat map 2 - Change in spending power Credit: Newcastle City Council

It also says that the region has seen a near 20% decrease in its spending power, compared to 6.1% in the South East.


Protests at planned closures of children's centres

Newcastle City Council is considering closing children's centres across the city as part of £40m of savings.

Sure Start centres have been running for over 15 years, and provide learning, health and childcare services for those with children up to five-years-old.

They're focussed on some of our most deprived areas, but are open to everyone.

Today, parents held a protest picnic to try and persuade the counsellors to change their mind.

But when challenged by ITV news, council leader Cllr Nick Forbes directed criticism at central government, saying he needed 'no convincing' Sure Start centres should stay.

Council supports Sure Start centres - but cuts must be made

The leader of Newcastle City Council said he needs 'no convincing' of the value of Sure Start children's centres, but reiterated that cuts must be made to balance the books next year.

Cllr Nick Forbes directed criticism over the proposed closures of two-thirds of the centres in the city towards central government.

The local authority must save £40m in government enforced cuts.

Angry parents protest against Sure Start closure plans

Angry parents at a protest picnic against proposed closures of Sure Start children's centres. Credit: ITV News

Parents who are angry at proposed cuts to childcare and support services in some of Newcastle's most deprived areas have been taking part in a 'protest picnic'.

Government cuts may force Newcastle City Council to close two-thirds of Sure Start centres. Credit: ITV News

Newcastle Council say it may be forced to close two-thirds of the 20 Sure Start centres.

Families release balloons after the protest picnic in Newcastle. Credit: ITV News
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