Remembering Sir Bobby

Remembering Sir Bobby

It's five years since the death of Sir Bobby Robson. Since then the cancer charity he established has raised more than £7million.

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Football remembers Sir Bobby


On this day 5 years ago Sir Bobby Robson left us. A gentleman. A leader. An inspiration. A friend. #RIPBobby


5yrs ago today we lost not only a great manager but a great man too. His tremendous legacy lives on through the fantastic @sbrfoundation


Five years ago today, we lost a true legend of our time. Rest in peace, Sir Bobby Robson. #NUFC



Sir Bobby: Never forgotten


5th anniversary of Sir Bobby Robson's passing today. A gentle man, a great football man, never forgotten. Love to his family and friends.


#SirBobby points the way during an @england training session on the summer tour of Mexico in 1985


Fifth anniversary of death of football legend

Sir Bobby Robson
Sir Bobby Robson

Today (July 31) marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Sir Bobby Robson.

Since the death of the footballing legend, the cancer charity he established has gone from strength to strength.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation has raised more than £7million.

His widow, Sir Elsie Robson and son Mark talk about his legacy:

Full report: MH17 family meets with Prime Minister

Barry Sweeney (red shirt), father of victim Liam Sweeney, is among those meeting the PM.
Barry Sweeney (red shirt), father of victim Liam Sweeney, is among those meeting the PM. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

The family of Newcastle United fan Liam Sweeney - who was killed in the Malaysia Airlines crash - has met the Prime Minister David Cameron today to discuss the investigation into the incident.

Barry Sweeney, Liam's father, together with his mother and other family members, left for London from Newcastle Central station early this morning for this afternoon's meeting.

They were also representing the family of John Alder, another fan who died on the flight.

Our correspondent Gregg Easteal joined the Sweeney famliy and has the hour-by-hour story of what was a difficult and emotional day.

MH17 dad heads to Downing Street to demand action

The father of one of the two Newcastle United supporters killed in the Flight MH17 disaster is travelling to Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister.

Barry Sweeney caught a train at Newcastle Central station shortly after 9am today, for a pre-arranged meeting at Downing Street.

Mr Sweeney wants the government to do more to ensure that the bodies of all 298 victims are returned to their loved ones as soon as possible.

Barry's son Liam died alongside his friend John Alder.

They were onboard a plane which crashed after apparently being struck by a missile over Ukranian airspace. There were no survivors.

Speaking to ITV Tyne Tees as he waited to board a train this morning, Barry Sweeney spoke of his hope that today's meeting with David Cameron would result in concrete action.



MH17: First victim is formally identified

Forensic experts have formally identified the first of 298 MH17 victims, AFP reported.

A woman whose daughter who is thought to have died on flight MH17 weeps at the site of the disaster.
A woman whose daughter who is thought to have died on flight MH17 weeps at the site of the disaster. Credit: Reuters

A statement from the Dutch Government said: “The first victim of the flight MH17 disaster was identified.

"It's a Dutch citizen and the victim's family and mayor of where they lived have been informed.”

A team of 200 specialists are involved in the identification process but it could take months for it to be completed.

The Dutch are in charge of identifying all the victims from the July 17 disaster over rebel-held Ukraine, 194 of whom were Dutch nationals.

So far 227 coffins with the remains of people from 17 countries have been flown back.

Barry Sweeney leaves wreath at Schiphol Airport

Liam Sweeney's father Barry has placed a wreath outside of Schiphol Airport in memory of his son and fellow Newcastle United fan John Alder. Both men were killed on flight MH17 on their way to support their beloved team.

Barry Sweeney
Barry Sweeney Credit: ITV
Tributes outside of the airport
Tributes outside of the airport Credit: ITV
Remembering Liam Sweeney and John Alder
Remembering Liam Sweeney and John Alder Credit: ITV
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