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Tyne Tees Weather - Sunday

St Mary's Lighthouse Credit: CAROLYN FARTHING-DUNN

Rather cloudy with scattered showers throughout the day, more frequent and heavy over higher ground.

Although winds may ease for a time during the morning, windy from the west by afternoon.

Feeling noticeably cooler than Saturday. Highs 8 °C


Man dies at Newcastle hotel

A man has died at a hotel in Newcastle.

Police were called to the Premier Inn hotel on City Road in Newcastle shortly after 10am today.

Paramedics joined them but the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers do not believe that anyone else was involved in the man's death.

At 10.13am police were called to the Premier Inn at City Road following concern for a man at the hotel. Police and paramedics attended and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. There's believed to be no third-party involvement."

– Northumbria Police

Tyne Tees Weather - Saturday

Waves blowing at at Blyth Credit: SUE RUTHERFORD

Starting mild but wet and windy, with gales in exposure as occasionally heavy rain sweeps eastwards. Gusts 50-60mph.

Remaining windy, but becoming brighter and fresher into the afternoon, with blustery showers possible (more likely in the west).

Away from the wind and showers, it will feel warm, with highs to 13°C.


Police: Dark Justice sting was too risky

Northumbria Police say they do not condone the actions of 'Dark Justice' - the group which has brought a paedophile to justice by tricking him online.

John Rudd, 57, from Stockton, was jailed for a year today and placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for ten years after admitting a charge of attempting to meet a child after secular grooming.

He'd been snared by Dark Justice, after members of the group posed as a 14 year old girl online, and arranged to meet Rudd.

The say Dark Justice should have carried out such an operation themselves.

We note the sentencing today at Newcastle Crown Court. We'd like to make it clear that Northumbria Police does not advocate people carrying out such 'investigations' themselves. There are many risks associated with this - these groups are not aware of full details of the person they are dealing with, they have no way of safeguarding potential child victims and their actions could jeopardise ongoing police investigations, not to mention the risks posed to themselves. They can also lead to the diverting of significant resources into protecting suspects, which would be better invested in investigating and prosecuting suspected offenders. We have specialist officers who are trained to deal with and investigate this type of crime working alongside partner agencies - I'd urge people to leave it to the police. Cases involving child sexual abuse have a huge emotional impact on not only victims and families, but also on the general public who may not be directly involved and we understand the desire to protect children. However, we would urge anyone with information on crimes of this nature, online or otherwise, to contact police. We rely on the assistance of the public in preventing and detecting crime. Working closely with communities is a vital way in which we gain information, and their active engagement in fighting crime and bringing offenders to justice."

– Detective Superintendent George Duff, Northumbria Police
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