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Professor in Food says 'people are going to be worried'

A police investigation is ongoing after prescription drugs were found among JellyTots made at the Nestlé factory in Fawdon on Tyneside.

The company has stressed the contamination was swiftly contained within the plant and that there is no risk to the public.

But Lynn Frewer, Professor in Food & Society at Newcastle University, says "there needs to be communication" by Nestlé over what is being done to protect consumer interests.


Free school to address skills gap in the North East

It's one of the biggest economic challenges facing the North East: the skills gap in manufacturing and engineering.

But now, a multi-million pound school has opened its doors on Tyneside and claimed it will address the problem.

Pupils who go to the Discovery School can expect to operate high-tech machinery, work office hours and swap the school desk for industry-style bays.

It's all possible because it's a free school - which can deviate from the curriculum.

Education Correspondent Dan Ashby reports:


Nestlé says sweet contamination was 'contained'

A police investigation has been launched following reports that pills were found among Jelly Tots on the production line at the Nestlé factory in Newcastle.

It is understood that tablets of a prescription drug were discovered among the sweets prior to them being packed.

The factory produces a number of well-known confectionery brands including Fruit Pastilles, Rolos and Yorkies.

A Northumbria Police spokesman confirmed that officers are investigating reports of contamination on the production line.

Nestlé says the incident was contained and there is no risk to consumers.

We can confirm that there was an incident at our factory in Fawdon, Newcastle last week. The incident was immediately contained, the police were asked to investigate and we are working with them.

It would not be appropriate for us to make any further comment until they have completed their investigation.

The incident involved the discovery, in product prior to packing, of a standard prescription tablet, commonly prescribed to both adults and children. We can confirm that due to our rigorous quality procedures and immediate action, the incident was isolated and contained within our control.
Our consumers and customers can be assured that all our products are completely safe.

– Nestlé spokesperson

Free school students will 're-energise the region'

A multi-million pound free school has opened on Tyneside, claiming it will help address the skills gap in engineering in the North East.

Pupils in the Discovery School will work to office hours in manufacturing units similar to industry.

A free school is a state school that is allowed to deviate from the curriculum to fulfil a specialist need.

Critics argue that they cost too much but the Discovery School's Principal, Wendy Allen, says that is not the case:

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