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Greggs celebrates with sausage rolls and donuts

It has been an ongoing conversation via twitter, as Greggs urged Google to take down a fake logo that had been put on the company's profile and went viral when users searched "Greggs" on Google.

Greggs, the bakery chain, and Google, the internet service, took to twitter as they tried to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. The tone of conversation soon turned to bakery goods as Greggs tried to entice Google with donuts to act faster.

And now, with the company logo restored, Greggs has thanked Google by creating their name entirely out of sausage rolls.

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Aaaand relax! Maybe those kind folks @googleuk could give us the doodle tomorrow?


Google resolve fake logo and apologise to Greggs

After Greggs enticed Google to fix their fake logo with a picture offering donuts, Google have taken down the offensive image and tweeted a joking and apologetic response.

Earlier today, Greggs became a suspected victim of online hoaxing as someone posted an offensive fake logo when online users searched "Greggs" on Google.

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Greggs entice Google to fix fake logo

Greggs, the bakery chain, have taken to twitter as news spreads of their online hoaxing. A fake logo now appears on the company profile on Google, which has gone viral.

Greggs were keen to stress that the change in logo was not their doing:


@osman_m funnily enough that isn't our doing! We're working with Google to get it fixed asap!

They have also jokingly offered Google an incentive for fixing the problem as soon as possible:

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Greggs tweet horror at fake logo gone viral

Greggs, the bakery chain, have tweeted their horror at becoming the latest victim of suspected online hoaxing. A fake logo has appeared on the company profile on Google which has gone viral.


@thatfilmguytcp *shocked face* OMG... how long has that been there? Oh, all morning! We better carry on trying to fix it then ;-)

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Fake Greggs logo goes viral on Google

Greggs, the bakery chain, have become a victim of suspected online hoaxing as a fake logo has appeared on the company profile on Google.

Online users who search "Greggs" on Google will find that the company's profile includes a fake and offensive logo.

It is not clear whether the image, sourced from, a parody of Wikipedia, has appeared due to a glitch in Google or whether it has been deliberately hacked.

It is understood that Greggs, which was founded in 1939, is trying to get the image changed.

Greggs is Britain’s biggest bakery chain and has almost 2,000 stores across the country.

9 out of 10 North East smokers underestimate the risks

Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death in the North East, causing over a dozen types of cancer, heart disease, stroke and increasing the risks of diabetes, dementia and blindness.

Yet despite 1 in 2 long term smokers dying early, 9 out of 10 smokers continue to underestimate the risks.

The figures come from Fresh, the UK’s dedicated regional programme for tobacco control.

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