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EU in contact with UK authorities over Nissan deal

The European Commission says it is in contact with UK authorities after Nissan confirmed the 'support and assurances of the UK government' made it possible to commit to the two new models at their Wearside plant.

Nissan. Credit: PA

Ministers have been under pressure to reveal the terms of its agreement with the Japanese car giant.

The Government has strongly denied suggestions it offered the firm a "sweetheart deal".

A spokesperson for the European Commission said:

We have seen press reports regarding this issue.. As a result, the Commission at services level is in contact with the UK authorities. Such exchanges of information are common.

In this specific case, the UK authorities have not notified any support to Nissan for assessment under EU state aid rules. We have not taken any formal views on the matter.

– European Commission spokesperson



Nissan Europe VP: 'Qashqai announcement means job security for 7000 people'

Nissan's Senior Vice-President for Europe, Colin Lawther, has said that Nissan's decision to build the new Qashqai model at the Sunderland plant will provide job security for 7,000 people.

Nissan also announced that production of its X-trail model will be moved from Japan to Sunderland:

Well it's just absolutely fantastic news. As you know our executive committee in Japan yesterday decided that we would build the next generation Qashqai right here at the Sunderland planet and we'll actually attract production of X-Trail from Japan.

So it's fantastic news for the plant here in Sunderland, and it's fantastic news for the region.

In real terms, it means job security for 7000 people, and opens the door to building more cars than we've ever built in the past, which opens the door to a future increase in employment levels.

So fantastic news for all the people who work here and the people who'll work here in the future.

– Colin Lawther
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